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The Originals 2X06 Review: A Deal With The Devil

By anna
In Recaps
November 18, 2014

The latest episode gave us a ton of backstory on Esther while Klaus dealt with some family drama of his own.  Elijah was unfortunately still being held captive by his mother and Hayley set out on a mission to rescue Oliver.  There is never a dull moment on this show.

We found out exactly what drives Esther to such extremes to protect her children.  In flashbacks, we saw Esther make a deal with her sister that came back to bite her.  The deal caused Esther to give up her firstborn in every generation of the Mikaelson family or her sister would return and kill them all.  Dang.  Talk about a dysfunctional family.

In the midst of the flashbacks, Cami grew suspicious of her therapist Vincent and Marcel told her he was actually Finn Mikaelson.  Cami was understandably surprised and the two of them set to work figuring out a way to distract him and take him down.  But rather than stabbing Finn when she had the chance, Cami let him go.  Will Finn realize that Cami is on him?  It will be interesting to find out!

While all that was going on, Hayley reunited with Jackson who has been hiding out in the bayou.  She wanted his help to rescue Oliver but he refused, still reeling over Oliver’s betrayal.  However, the new friend, Ansel, that was teaching him how to be a wolf, agreed to help Hayley because he didn’t want one of their own.  The two of them managed to rescue Oliver but it was unfortunately a little too late because the witches had placed a curse on him that caused him to die as soon as he was free.  At least Oliver was redeemed a bit before he was killed.

Speaking of Ansel, we found out some interesting info about him.  When Klaus showed up to rescue Elijah, the two of them met and Klaus was stunned to realize that…wait for it…his bio-dad was actually alive!  Yes, Ansel is Klaus’s bio father and Esther pulled him out from the Other Side right before it collapsed.  Ansel genuinely seemed to reconnect with Klaus but Klaus blew him off and ran away.

Fortunately, Klaus didn’t stay away for too long.  He went back again later for Elijah and in probably one of their best scenes, Klaus freed Elijah and attempted wake him up.  Esther showed up then and revealed that Elijah wouldn’t wake just yet.  Esther gave Klaus her offer once more to let her give him a new body and he refused declaring that he hated her now more than ever.  Esther asked why he hated her so much and Klaus screamed that he could never forgive her for going after his child.  He promised that he would make her suffer since he was his mother’s son.  Go Klaus!  After that, Klaus finally took Elijah home.

Elijah hasn’t woken up just yet but it’s already extremely reassuring that he’s now with Klaus and Hayley rather than constantly being tortured by his horrible mother.  And while the revelation about the firstborn from every generation of Mikaelsons made Esther more sympathetic to some, it’s hard to forgive her completely after what she did to Alaric back in season 3 of The Vampire Diaries and what she just did to Elijah.  If she hadn’t made the deal in the first place, she wouldn’t have needed to worry. Remember Esther, that kind of magic always comes with a price!

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