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The Originals 2X07 Review: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

By anna
In Recaps
November 18, 2014

Last night featured teen flirting, a father and son meeting, daring rescues, a touching bittersweet funeral and Cami offering herself to be used as bait to capture Finn and Kol.  What could go wrong?

Elijah is now finally free from Esther’s captivity but is still trapped in an anguished sleep as Esther caused him to suffer from nightmares thanks to a spell.  Poor guy seems to be asleep for a few episodes every season doesn’t he?  Klaus and Hayley saw a rash on Elijah’s neck and Klaus recognized it from the times Mikael had come home from battle with the same mark.  Thankfully, Klaus remembered the antidote and went off to the bayou to find it in an effort to help his brother.

While Klaus was searching, Kol used his charms to get Davina to help him.  He stayed with her ignoring his mother’s summons and persuaded her to help him get a silver dagger to work on Klaus.  Uh-oh, it looks like Kol wants revenge for all the times Klaus daggered him.  It was lovely seeing the Kol and Davina scenes.  The two of them have nice chemistry and a romance between them could work if the writers wanted to go that way.

Then we went to the bayou.  Unfortunately Oliver is really dead and we saw Jackson and Hayley sending him off in a brief, touching funeral.  RIP Ollie.  Jackson was upset that none of the other wolves had showed up and was angry that they had all forgotten about their loyalty.  Hayley calmed him down and went back to Marcel’s hide out.

Marcel, Cami and Hayley decided to work together to take down Finn and Cami volunteered to be bait.  After seducing Finn, they managed to trap him and Kol returned Davina to the old attic she stayed in back in season 1.  Finn might end up regretting being so close with Esther now that he’s in the hands of the gang.

As Klaus started his search in the bayou, he ran into a familiar face.  His father Ansel.  Klaus grew angry in typical Klaus fashion and started to turn away but Ansel said he knew the flowers Klaus was searching for and would only help him help Elijah if Klaus listened to him and went with him.  Klaus reluctantly agreed and Ansel eventually found the flowers they needed. He then told Klaus how he had kept an eye on him for a thousand years and could remember every fleeting moment of happiness.  Klaus grew resentful and asked if he was proud of all the bad things.  Ansel had no answer but later revealed to Klaus that he knew Hope was still alive.  Horrified and worried that Esther would find out about Ansel’s knowledge and use it against them, Klaus did the only thing he could think of to keep Hope safe and killed Ansel.  It was clear that it hurt Klaus to kill his father but the safety of his child was more important than his own happiness.  Esther could learn a few things from him.

After that, Klaus took the flowers to Elijah and put the medicine on his speech.  The show is at its best when it focuses on the bond between the two brothers and in a wonderful, touching moment Klaus showed just how much Elijah really means to him.  He entered Elijah’s thoughts and told him that while they were indeed the demons of children’s fairytales, they were the knights in shining armor in Hope’s story and that he couldn’t survive his love for his daughter without Elijah.  Young Elijah confronted his inner demons which caused Elijah to finally wake up from the nightmarish slumber.  Klaus has come so far from being jealous and fearful of Elijah usurping his role as Hope’s father!

Once Elijah finally awoke, Klaus told him about Ansel and what had happened between them.  Elijah understood why Klaus killed him but still seemed upset that Klaus had had to resort to that.  He told Klaus to make sure no one else saw Ansel’s sketch of Hope.  The after effects of Esther’s torture still aren’t gone completely.  As Elijah changed into a fresh suit, it was obvious he remembered Esther’s explanation for why he wore them since we saw his normally calm demeanor break a bit while his hands shook.  Poor Elijah.  Hopefully he can accept the past and learn from it without letting it break him.

That was when Marcel and Hayley returned to their home.  What was slightly disappointing in this scene was Hayley’s reaction to Elijah being awake again.  She sort of just brushed it off telling him it was nice to see him vertical again.  Um, Hayley, that’s all you have to say to him while knowing he’s been tortured by his mother?  Season 1 spent so much time building up Elijah and Hayley’s relationship that this almost doesn’t make sense.  Hopefully the writers will either fix this or give us an explanation about why the two of them are now like this before going into a possible Jackson/Hayley/Elijah love triangle that was hinted at earlier when Jackson saved Hayley from Finn.  But anyway, that didn’t ruin the episode too much and Hayley and Marcel told Klaus and Elijah that they had a couple of gifts for them.

Elijah and Klaus then discovered that their brothers Kol and Finn where now at their mercy.  Klaus seemed delighted at the turn of events while Finn and Kol didn’t seem happy at all. Elijah didn’t seem too pleased to see either of them, Finn especially, and I’m sort of hoping the writers allow Elijah to get at least a bit of revenge for helping their mother torture him.  Either way, the fact that Elijah and Klaus now have Finn and Kol should definitely be good.

Esther probably won’t be very happy when she hears about Kol and Finn.  She’s already very unhappy about the loss of Ansel which Klaus showed her a message of by displaying Ansel’s dead body in her crypt.  Esther immediately lost it and broke down sobbing.  It’s hard to feel sorry for her after she just spent a few weeks torturing one of her sons so the sympathy didn’t work for me.  Cami found herself in a bit of a sticky situation though when Esther wanted revenge for the loss of Ansel and kidnapped Cami to repay Klaus.  That woman will never stop will she?  And speaking of Witches, Davina awoke in the attic to find that the White Oak Stake had disappeared.  Uh-oh.

So with Cami at Esther’s mercy and Finn and Kol captured by Elijah and Klaus, it’s not looking likely that the Mikaelsons will have a nice, family Thanksgiving dinner is it?


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