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The Vampire Diaries 6X04 Review: We Find A Way To Keep Going

By anna
In Recaps
November 5, 2014

The Vampire Diaries creator, Julie Plec wasn’t lying when she said season 6 would have a lot of throwbacks to season 1.  In this week’s episode, we went along memory lane with Damon to find out what happened on what he considered his worst day and saw a familiar face that fans will know.  None other than Stefan and Damon’s nephew, Zach Salvatore!

While Kai was helping Bonnie with her magic, Damon started remembering his time in Mystic Falls back in the year 1994.  Which was the time he and Stefan had their huge falling out.  Damon showed up at the Salvatore boarding house and Zach ended up inviting him in.  In hindsight, that may have been a mistake.

In the middle of this, Alaric ended up taking Jeremy to the hospital because Jeremy had shown up at his doorstep the night before wasted.  Jo came over to them and Alaric explained what had happened.  Jo quickly agreed to test and treat Jeremy and she had a talk with Alaric.  Alaric asked her for advice and Jo said that Jeremy should be fine.  It’s obvious these two like each other but it’s kind of hard for Alaric to act on his feelings when someone with a bloody nose enters the hospital.  Uh-oh.  Jo didn’t understand why he got distracted and got mad at him before leaving.  Poor Alaric.  It’s probably best for him to try having a conversation with Jo outside the hospital.

In the meantime, Stefan and Elena were searching for Sarah but had no luck in finding her.  Stefan told Elena he was heading back to his home in Savannah but Elena couldn’t understand why because she knew that wasn’t his real home.  Stefan offered to show Elena the joy of starting over with new identities and Elena took his offer, telling him if she saw he was truly happy that she would let him be.

Going back to 1994, Kai managed to pressure Damon into talking about what he was up to May 10, 1994.  In a series of flashbacks, we saw that he was getting more and more reckless.  Stefan, unhappy with his brother’s behavior, trapped him in the shed outside the boarding house.  Damon managed to go out into the sun, even without his daylight ring because of the eclipse, and made his way back to the house.  Stefan and Zach arrived to find that Damon had killed almost all the boarding house residents and was currently holding a pregnant woman (whom Zach seemed to have strong feelings for) hostage.  Before Stefan and Zach could stop him, Damon ended up killing her.  Woah.  No wonder he felt like May 10, 1994 was his own personal Hell.

Jeremy finally got out of the hospital and Alaric had him do a workout routine to try to help him get back on track.  I hope the show gives us more scenes between these two because their chemistry is excellent and it turned out to be one of the best scenes of the episode.  Jeremy cracked a little and let some of his anger over Bonnie out on Alaric shouting that Bonnie sacrificed herself for Alaric, Stefan, Elena, Tyler and Enzo to come back and didn’t bother to save herself.  He’s still rightfully angry that Bonnie told him she was dying over the phone.  Alaric finally snapped a little and shouted back at Jeremy, telling him he gets it because his wife left him to become a vampire and his girlfriend died.  He even admitted that he was still struggling with controlling his new vampire urges.  In a powerful speech, he told Jeremy they had to find a way to keep going because they still had their own lives to live.  He seemed to get through a little to Jeremy and got him to keep working out.

Damon faced Bonnie for the first time since he had reluctantly revealed his secret.  Bonnie however, chose not to hold it against Damon because he felt remorse.  She pointed out that this made him very different from Kai because Kai felt no remorse for killing his whole family.  The friendship between these two is growing stronger and stronger and it’s a great thing to see.

Stefan showed Elena how it is to start over and it was nice to see the two of them hanging out again.  In a hilarious scene, Stefan fake proposed to Elena and, pretending to be pregnant, she happily fake accepted.  Stefan talked to her about his job and to Elena, Stefan seemed pretty happy, all things considered.  She left later on but as soon as she was gone, Stefan became overwhelmed again and provoked a customer at the bar into a fight.  Elena showed up and stopped it in the nick of time and Stefan showed remorse.  Elena reluctantly went back home and Stefan returned to his garage where we discovered he had been fixing his brother’s car.  Awww Stefan definitely misses his brother more than he’s letting on.  The subtlety of Stefan’s emotions in this scene was extremely powerful.  But before Stefan could dwell anymore on the car, he received a huge surprise when Ivy turned up alive!  Apparently she had been fed some vampire blood before her neck was snapped and was feeling thirsty. Yikes.  Hopefully Stefan will be able to help her more than Vicki Donovan.

That wasn’t the only twist in the episode though.  After that, Jeremy returned to the Salvatore Boarding house and found Sarah.  When she confronted him he quickly told her he would explain.  Sarah showed him a picture of her mother saying she was searching for her dad after finding out that he lived in Mystic Falls.  The woman in the photo was none other than the pregnant woman Damon killed.  In a flashback, we saw that the hospital had managed to save Sarah in time but were unable to save her mother.  We got the impression that Zach is probably Sarah’s father which would make her a Salvatore!  This will be one interesting family reunion, that’s for sure.

The episode wasn’t quiet over yet though.  Matt revealed to Tripp that his friend that was killed last week mentioned that he was a vampire hunter.  Tripp decided that he trusted Matt enough to show him his secret and Matt continued playing dumb.  Tripp revealed that his wife had been killed by vampires and ever since he hunted them down for revenge.  He took Matt and showed him Enzo, tied up in a cell. The real question is: will Matt be able to help free Enzo or will he let Tripp torture and kill him?

With even more great storylines set up after this episode, we can only guess what will happen next.  Season 6 is giving us plenty of twists and turns and it will be exciting to see where this all leads to and the fallout of these storylines.


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