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The Vampire Diaries 6X05 Review: Lost In The Maze

By anna
In Recaps
November 5, 2014

The latest episode gave us a Halloween College party at a Corn Maze to celebrate Halloween night.  With reckless driving and texting, bloody bodies everywhere and a selfless act, there was plenty to keep us entertained.

The episode started off with Damon, Bonnie and Kai still stuck in 1994.  Damon was getting excited because they had plans to return home that night.  Bonnie told him they needed to figure out a way to keep Kai from going with them.  Damon seemed too excited about a reunion with Elena to care much about Kai.  Anyone else wondering yet how Damon will take the news that his girl has been compelled to forget him?

Then we switched to present time at Whitmore College where Alaric was giving his class a mini history lesson on how the Corn Maze tradition got started.  It began with a brother who went off to war.  He returned from battle heavily scarred to find his girlfriend sleeping with brother.  Awkward.  Alaric claimed that the moral of the story was to never fall in love, especially with your brother’s girl.  Maybe Elena will take his hint about not falling for the two brothers again now that she’s been compelled to forget.  Elena got that Alaric was teasing her about Stefan and Damon and admitted the story probably would have had more of an effect on her two weeks ago.  Then she asked if Alaric was planning to attend the party but he declined.  She persuaded him to go, telling him he needed to start being more social again because he was 3 haircuts away from becoming Professor Shane.  Ouch, come on Elena.  Alaric’s a lot classier than Professor Shane any day.

We got to the party and it turns out Jo was there too.  She got freaked out by a girl running around, screaming while covered in fake blood.  Alaric showed up, amused by her reaction and Jo admitted that she wasn’t a fan of the undead.  That could put a damper on their relationship if she found out the truth about Alaric.  He shrugged it off and the two of them went off together.

Tyler was making his way to the party to meet Liv.  While responding to a text from her, he took his eyes off the road for a second.  Tyler, haven’t you ever heard that you don’t text and drive?  That turned out to be a mistake as he didn’t see an injured man in the road until it was too late to avoid hitting him.  This caused Tyler to crash off the road while attempting to avoid him and he swerved right through the corn maze.

Speaking of the guy that was injured, he just wasn’t having a very good night.  He had the misfortune of running into Ivy earlier.  If you remember, Ivy is a newly turned vampire and she escaped from Caroline’s watch.  Of course she ended up losing control and ended up sucking some blood from the first person she met.  Could she end up being this season’s Vicki Donovan?

Going back to the maze, Alaric was confronted with his first test of controlling himself as a vampire.  After the accident, bodies were everywhere and of course there was a ton of blood.  He managed to convince Jo he was fine but she noticed he looked a little pale and asked if he was squeamish around blood.  He admitted he was.  If only Jo knew how much of an understatement that was for him she probably wouldn’t have asked him to help her care for the wounded.  But she did and he reluctantly agreed.  She ended up asking him to put pressure on a bleeding victim’s wound and he struggled to remain under control, doing fairly well for a newbie vamp.

Tyler called Elena, begging her for help because the victim he accidentally hit with his car was slowly dying.  As we all know, if someone dies at Tyler’s hand it triggers his werewolf curse.  Liv joined Tyler, attempting to help him with the injured man while Elena ran to Jo for help.  Jo said the best they could do was to make the man comfortable because he wouldn’t last much longer.  Tyler was devastated but Liv helped him more than he could ask for.  She ended up killing the man herself so that Tyler’s curse wouldn’t be triggered.  Woah.  Liv has certainly changed in her ways since the first time we met her.

After that, things at the maze calmed down.  Elena was put in a bit of an awkward situation though when Liam saw a victim that she had helped earlier walking out of the maze.  Liam pointed out the girl should have died but Elena distracted him by kissing him.  Liam seemed happy but told Elena he thought she told him she wasn’t ready for that.  Elena admitted that things can change and the two of them seemed incredibly happy.  Oh Elena, you don’t have the best timing for things.

Back in 1994, Bonnie took care of the Kai problem by throwing an ax into his chest.  You go girl!  Her and Damon made their way to the tunnels that Kai had said they needed to go home.  Bonnie started the spell and the two of them prepared themselves to go home, but of course it wasn’t going to be that easy.  Kai showed up right at that moment, shooting Bonnie with an arrow.  Before Damon could attempt to help her, Bonnie sent him back home, while she remained stuck behind injured and with Kai.  I think we can all agree that Bonnie is probably the most selfless character on the show.

After that, we saw Alaric and Jo now at the hospital.  It was Alaric’s turn to be selfless as he realized he would need to let Jo go.  Before he could, Jo admitted she had strong feelings for him and that he was the most attractive man she knew.  That took Alaric by surprise but he ended up telling her she was one of the most attractive women he had ever seen and that was when he compelled her.  In a heartbreaking moment, Alaric told Jo that she would remember the night had been a disaster because he was an alcoholic and not who she believed him to be and that she would want him to run for the hills and that she definitely didn’t want to kiss him.  After the compulsion however, Jo ended up kissing Alaric anyway telling him he was far from boring.  Alaric seemed confused as she walked off.  Does this mean Jo can’t be compelled?  We need more answers!

Now let’s talk about Stefan.  It’s obvious he’s still struggling to move on without Damon but he wasn’t making the best choices this episode.  Rather than dealing with Ivy himself, he left her with Caroline while he went off to get her a daylight ring.  Then he went to Alaric to ask him to compel Ivy a fresh start.  Understandably, Alaric got upset with Stefan wanting him to help him compel a break up for him.  Stefan said he just wanted to move on but Alaric was still mad that Stefan led him to believe that Ivy was the clue to bringing Damon back for so many months.  He refused to help Stefan with the Ivy situation, saying he should just compel Stefan to be the guy he used to know.  You can’t blame Alaric here.  The guy is probably getting tired of everyone asking for him to use his vampire powers to get them out of their sticky situations.

After the conversation with Alaric, Stefan was confronted with Caroline who rightfully chewed him out over his behavior and how he had treated her the last few months.  That seemed to jog some sense back into Stefan and he visited his family’s crypt.  In an emotional speech, he admitted that he wasn’t doing so great without Damon and threw the bottle of bourbon he had with him across the room.  It didn’t hit the floor since Damon showed up at that moment to catch it.  Stefan was shocked to see his brother again and Damon told him he was indeed alive.  Stefan had to touch him to believe it and in a heartwarming scene, he finally broke down as he was reunited with his brother.

It was such a great decision for the show to have Stefan be the first to be reunited with Damon.  I know everyone is probably eager to have Damon be reunited with their favorite character as well (whether it be Alaric, Elena etc.) but it has been so long since we’ve had some brotherly scenes between these two that the moment was just perfect.  Season 6 really is getting back to the show’s roots in several beautiful ways.

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