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The Vampire Diaries 6X06 Review: Love Isn’t Easy

By anna
In Recaps
November 7, 2014

In the latest episode, Damon returned home but it wasn’t as easy as he had hoped.  Stefan told him that Elena had gotten Alaric to compel her memories of him and Damon was understandably upset.  He planned to get her to remember him again once he saw her and told Stefan what had happened with Bonnie.  The two of them decided to tell the others she had been dead the whole time to spare them all the grief of losing their friend all over again.  While everyone else adjusted to Damon’s return, a ton of other stuff went down in the episode.

We got a Dalaric (Damon and Alaric reunion) but it wasn’t quite as happy as the fans hoped it would be.  Damon asked Alaric to lift his compulsion on Elena and he said he would but only if that was what Elena wanted him to do.  That was the right thing to do but Damon wasn’t happy with his choice at all.  He got mad and left.  He seems to have grown some since his 1994 expierence since he at least didn’t snap Alaric’s neck again.  He did steal his bottle of bourbon though.

After that Damon was determined to see Elena but she wasn’t too keen on seeing him again.  Understandably, the whole situation was probably confusing for her with her lost memories but you can also see Damon’s side who remembers their whole love story.  Eventually, Elena agreed to meet him but before the two could reunite, Tripp Fell managed to capture Damon.  Cue the latest rescue mission!

Knowing that Tripp was going to drive Damon and Enzo into Mystic Falls, Elena, Caroline, Alaric and Stefan all set up as guards to block Tripp’s way.  Elena confessed to Caroline that she was ready to get her memories back if Damon survived this and Caroline seemed to support her decision.  Alaric apologized to Stefan for their argument last week and said that while he had been struggling to adjust to being a vampire, searching for Damon was the only thing keeping his mind off all the bloodlust but that he had eventually given up too.  Stefan seemed to understand.  After this scene, I hope they let Alaric and Stefan bond more.  They have nice chemistry and Stefan could use more guy friends.

However, the bonding moment was interrupted by Tripp’s arrival.  Alaric pretended that he was trying to get Stefan to a bachelor party but their car had broken down.  Trip admitted he knew nothing about cars but before he could drive off, Alaric attacked him.  What Alaric didn’t expect was Tripp driving off with him.  Before Alaric could escape, Tripp crashed the car.  The only trouble was that all of them ended up inside the Mystic Falls town line.  Uh oh.

Stefan managed to get Damon and Enzo back over the border while Jo showed up in time to help to Alaric.  Speaking of Jo, Elena had discovered earlier that Jo knew about vampires.  The shocker was that Jo was possibly hiding a secret of her own and that she could be a witch.  Jo confronted Alaric before the rescue mission started but he brushed her off, saying they’d have to talk later.  All in all, it turned out to be a good thing that Jo had followed him.

You see, when Alaric and the others got thrown over the Mystic Falls border, their magic helping them be vampires began to get stripped away.  Stefan managed to carry Damon and Enzo over the border while Jo helped Alaric.  In a scene that was eerily like season 3, Alaric began dying again.  And he would have but thanks to Jo, she managed to stable his wound and restart his heart.  Thank you Jo!  Alaric was confused saying he shouldn’t still be alive but Jo said there was no reason he shouldn’t be since she had stabled his wound.  Plot twist!  Alaric is now a human again.

Now the fact that Alaric is human again sort of makes things even more complicated for Damon and Elena.  Since Alaric is a human, he is unable to give Elena back her memories.  Oops.  Looks like Damon and Elena will have to fall in love with each other all over again.  The important thing is Alaric is still alive and well right?  Right?

After checking in on Elena while he was at the hospital, Alaric talked to Jo who told him she was transferring him to Whitmore Hospital as soon as possible.  Alaric thanked her for not just saving him but giving him his human life back.  Aw, at least Alaric won’t have to be miserable as a vampire anymore even if that storyline was a bit short-lived.

So this episode brought us even more twists in the season.  After struggling with being a vampire, Alaric gets a second chance at a human life.  Enzo is finally rescued from Tripp’s clutches but Tripp has gotten away.  And Damon will have to get Elena to fall in love with him all over again.  There should definitely be a lot of interesting storylines coming up for the rest of the season.

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