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The Vampire Diaries 6X07 Review: Memory Lane

By anna
In Recaps
November 18, 2014

Continuing where last week’s episode left off, the newest episode of The Vampire Diaries picked up with Damon and Elena seeing each other for the first time.  Damon was hoping that if Elena saw him, everything would come rushing back.  Unfortunately, like real life, it wasn’t that easy.  Elena tried remembering but all she had left where the bad memories of Damon.  Poor Damon.  The fact that the hope of reuniting with Elena is what kept him going while he was stuck in 1994 made the whole scene even more painful but no one is really to blame for this situation.  These two will just have to find another way to fall back in love with each other.

We then checked in with Alaric who is finally getting released from the hospital.  We got another Dalaric scene that I found a lot more enjoyable than their slightly awkward reunion last week.  The banter that they used to have with each other was back in full swing and it was a joy to see Alaric human again.  He seemed genuinely glad to be human again and was soaking up every minute of it.  Jo arrived on the scene to stop Damon messing with Alaric’s machines, and asked Alaric if he would accompany her to the hospital dinner that night.  Alaric cheerfully agreed and Damon told Jo that she would probably have a lot of vampires wanting her to save their lives as they crossed the border to turn human again.  Jo said that could only happen if the cause of death was preventable to treat.  They also mentioned Elena’s compulsion didn’t wear off because Alaric is still alive as a human.  It’s nice that they explained it and didn’t just brush it under the rug for both events.

Then we got to the party where Elena brought Liam as her date.  Alaric was a bit surprised to see that Jo was basically the guest of honor and Jo admitted she wasn’t really fond of being that.  Damon then showed up and of course seemed jealous of Elena and Liam.  He confronted Liam and was impressed with his confidence.  But Damon being Damon, he then compelled Liam away for a bit while he danced with Elena.  Elena told Damon nothing was still coming back and she felt guilty about it.  She then agreed to try bringing her memories back by going with Damon to the first place she told Damon she loved him.

Watching the two of them from a distance, Alaric admitted to Jo that the whole compelling situation was his fault and it was obvious he felt guilty.  Jo rightfully told him it wasn’t his fault since Elena had made the choice to be compelled.  It was so nice to see someone not blame Alaric for the whole situation since, like Jo said; it was Elena’s choice and that choice kind of put Alaric in the middle of a sticky situation.

Damon and Elena went to the spot just outside the border.  Being that spot still didn’t help Elena regain her memories so she crossed the border.  Unwilling to let her risk her life, Damon quickly pulled her back to safety.  They went back to Elena’s dorm and Elena admitted that something had started to come back to her and asked Damon to fill in the rest of her memory.  That was when we saw a romantic flashback of Damon and Elena kissing in the rain.  Damon told Elena that he wouldn’t let her risk her life to get her memories back and said that he loved her enough to let her go and to live her life in peace.  Damon has truly grown a lot because in the earlier seasons, if Elena didn’t admit she loved him, he would have snapped someone’s neck.

While all this was going on, Stefan, Matt and Enzo worked together to get Trip to tell them everything that he had been up to with his vampire hunting group.  At first, he refused to talk but then Enzo tortured information out of him.  They were unable to keep Trip for long because Trip’s fellow workers got a hold of Liz Forbes and threatened to kill her if they didn’t return Trip to them.  Caroline begged the three vampires to let Trip go and they reluctantly handed him over.  Caroline got her mother back but as Trip crossed the border, they realized too late that Enzo had turned him into a vampire to get his revenge.  They were unable to save Trip and he died.  Stefan later checked up on Caroline and Liz at the hospital and in a heartbreaking scene, Caroline told Stefan that she hated him for ruining their friendship.  Stefan seemed heartbroken and guilty that he had missed all the signs that Caroline had a thing for him but didn’t know how to fix it as Caroline left him.  Hopefully these two will patch things up because their friendship was one of the best things about season 5.

That wasn’t the end of the drama though.  Jo ended up taking Alaric to her place and while she changed into something more comfortable, Alaric happened to notice that there was a big scar where her spleen should be.  She admitted that she lost it in an accident when her brother tried to gut her.  Now as viewers will know, Kai mentioned earlier in the season that he left his sister alive so this means…that Jo is Kai’s sister.  Oh boy, hopefully this won’t mess things up for Alaric and her or that she won’t turn out to be evil.  Alaric and Jo have great chemistry with each other and we don’t want Alaric’s love life to be that tragic right?  The poor guy needs some steady happiness in his life.  He told Jo that her backstory didn’t bother him because he understood since he also had his fair share of tragedies.  The two of them then shared two romantic kisses.  It would be really nice if the writers let these two be a steady adult couple on the show.

And in the midst of everything, we went back for a bit to 1994.  Thankfully Bonnie survived Kai’s attempt to kill her but that wasn’t the end of the problem.  Kai was trying to force her to fix the device that could take them back home.  Bonnie being Bonnie tried to refuse to help him and eventually managed to escape.  She got it fixed but was unable to avoid Kai any longer as he found her.  Bonnie reluctantly agreed to take him home with her but then couldn’t get the device to work.  Kai seemed confused until he realized that Bonnie had put her magic in her old teddy bear (earlier in the episode Jo also mentioned to Alaric that she had put her magic away for safe keeping as well).  But before they could go home, Bonnie sent her bear back instead leaving them stuck behind in 1994.  All hope doesn’t seem lost though!  While wandering around on his own, Damon found Bonnie’s bear and realized she was alive.  Hopefully this means that Damon will do everything he can to bring Bonnie back home.  I don’t think any of us want Bonnie stuck with the psychotic Kai any longer!

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