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The Vampire Diaries 6X08: Thanksgiving Drama

By anna
In Recaps
November 24, 2014

It’s that time of year again when you break out the turkey and stuffing and have a nice holiday dinner with your family.  But this is The Vampire Diaries, the show that had Klaus kill Tyler Lockwood’s mom on Christmas day.  So did you really think Thanksgiving would be a happier celebration?  Of course not, but it made for some really great television.

Caroline and Elena were hosting a Friendsgiving for all their closest friends so that they could celebrate the holiday together but not everyone could make it.  To their dismay, Matt and Jeremy were busy dealing with Tripp stuff and Damon, Stefan and Alaric cancelled at the last minute to check out some info on the Gemini Coven.

Speaking of Stefan, Damon and Alaric’s road, trip that was one of the highlights of the episode.  I hope the show allows for more scenes between these three because the wit and banter they had with each other sizzles with chemistry and the scenes are highly entertaining.  Damon and Alaric teased Stefan about Caroline, giving him the pros and cons of dating her which Stefan tried to ignore.  They came upon the Gemini Coven which was just an empty piece of land.  After pushing Stefan to his limits by teasing him, Damon caused Stefan to snatch Ms. Cuddles away from Damon and kick the stuffed bear away.  The bear landed on an invisible house that suddenly reappeared.  Excellent work on finding the Gemini Coven Ms. Cuddles!

Back at Friendsgiving, the er…typical holiday family drama started.  Jo recognized Liv and Luke and after some flashbacks, we discovered that she is the twins’ sister!  And speaking of those flashbacks, they showed Kai murdering most of his family and he happens to be Jo, Liv and Luke’s brother.  Geez, this guy is starting to give Klaus a run for his money as the most evil big bad.

Speaking of the family drama, it was revealed that Liv, Luke, Jo and Kai are all part of the Gemini Coven. Damon, Stefan and Alaric got company when a member of the Coven turned up and he ended up sort of kidnapping Damon so that he could take him inside his house.  It was revealed this man was Jo, Kai, Liv and Luke’s father and he gave us the gory detail on the family traditions.

The Coven needs to use the power of twins to find their true leader.  The only problem with this is what you call a merging ceremony.  That means the twins must face off with each other and the stronger one wins.  The problem with that is that the one who wins merges with the other twin, sucking their life and stealing all their magic, meaning they become responsible for killing their twin.

Dang.  That naturally explained Kai’s backstory who was bitter about not having magic of his own.  Kai only has magic when he absorbs someone else’s.  The Gemini Coven did not want to risk him becoming their leader so with Jo’s help and none other than Sheila Bennet, they trapped Kai in 1994.  No wonder Liv has been upset lately.  It’s almost time for the merging ceremony and she doesn’t want to die or kill Luke.

Going back to Liv, Luke, Jo and Kai’s dad, when Damon told him about Kai, he was desperate not to let his deranged son escape.  But rather than handling it another way, he attempted to kill Jo so Kai wouldn’t take her magic.  Wow, that’s not great parenting dude.  Thankfully, Damon, Stefan, Alaric and Elena managed to help Jo and saved her life.  And unable to explain what had happened, Elena compelled Liam to forget all about them.  So I guess this is goodbye Liam.

While the boys got ready to head home, Damon was more determined than ever to get Bonnie back home.  Alaric told him he wasn’t willing to bring Kai back along with Bonnie if it meant putting Jo in danger which is understandable.  They do need to find a way to bring back Bonnie without releasing Kai.  But Damon being Damon compelled Alaric to get the ascendant from Jo by any means necessary.  Alaric, now that you’re human again, it might be a good idea for you to wear vervain again if you’re not already.

In the midst of all this, we checked in every so often with Bonnie and Kai in 1994.  Kai promised Bonnie that if she had Thanksgiving dinner with him that he would leave her alone but of course it wasn’t going to be that easy.  He managed to find the knife that Jo had stored her magic in and knocked Bonnie out before driving away.  Bonnie woke up alone to find the car, ascendant and magic gone and realized that Kai had taken her blood.  Oh no.  How will Bonnie ever get home now?

The boys made it back home and Stefan saw Caroline, who hadn’t invited him to the Friendsgiving dinner.  After hearing the news that Bonnie was alive, she was too happy to stay mad at him and the two of them sort of made up after Stefan explained why he had pushed her away as much as he had.  She would have let him grieve the most and he didn’t want to grieve anymore.  Aw, not gonna lie, I thought there might be a kiss between the two of them but nope.  It was a very sweet moment that was nice to see after the fighting of the last few weeks.

And during that, Liv discovered that Tyler had basically kidnapped her.  He told her that he was determined to keep her safe and he would protect her from her coven.  Liv is turning out to be a great replacement for Caroline as Tyler’s love interest and I for one am hoping that Stefan/Caroline and Liv/Tyler follow Jo and Alaric’s example and just get together already!

So while the holidays didn’t exactly get to be celebrated, we still got some great scenes of the gang in different groups together and the mythology introduced this season is almost as great as the mythology in season 1 and 2.  It will be interesting to see what happens when it’s time for the merging ceremony to happen.

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