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Castle 7X08 Review: Don’t Sleep In The Subway

By anna
In Recaps
December 8, 2014

This Castle episode was a bit different from those that have aired this season so far.  Rather than focusing on Castle and Beckett like the show normally does, Esposito had the spotlight on him for the hour-long episode.  And he truly stole the show.

The episode featured the usual weekly case and Ryan and Espo took off together to search for information.  They talked about relationships and Ryan said things were going well with him, Jenny and their baby girl.  Espo admitted that he was starting to want kids but that he was afraid he wouldn’t be a good father because he hadn’t had one.  Ryan reassured him but Espo said it didn’t matter anyway because he didn’t think Laine wanted kids.  Right around this time is when the trouble started.

The boys got a call that there was trouble in the subway station and Espo took off.  Ryan later ended up regretting the two of them separating because Espo got into a hostage situation when a criminal took control of the subway and he was now stuck there.  That was where the action really started.

Once they realized Espo was stuck in the subway, the rest of the team got worried and started working on getting him out.  Laine was especially worried and it was obvious to see how much she really cared for Espo.  Back in the subway, Espo realized one of the female passengers in the car was also a cop and the two of them started working together on ways to escape.

While working on an escape, the female cop told Espo she was single but Espo said he was in a relationship.  While the terrorist holding the car hostage made his demands, he revealed that he had explosives strapped to him and that he was holding his finger on the device.  That was when the team realized that if they tried stopping him, he would release the explosion and blow up all the passengers with him.

After working together, the team figured out a way for Espo and the female cop to stop the terrorist without harming any of the other passengers.  Once the two of them got the message, they set the plan in action and managed to take down the terrorist together.  Even after that the problems weren’t over.  The team then realized the man was sick with H1N1 and that all the passengers had been exposed to the virus.

After that realization, all the subway passengers were immediately taken to the hospital.  Thankfully, none of them had gotten the virus and they were all okay.  The female cop went to speak to Espo before she left and admitted that she had lied to him about being single.  She was married and had a husband and child but hadn’t wanted him to worry about that.  She had seen the love he had for Laine and told him not to let something that special go.  If you ask me, I’m willing to bet that Espo may propose to Laine by the end of this season.

Castle and Beckett interrogated the man who had taken the subway car hostage.  He claimed that he had just wanted his girlfriend released from prison and had had no idea what virus he had.  That was then that they realized someone had framed him.  Beckett was frustrated that it would be difficult to catch the man responsible for it but Castle reassured her saying they had still done a lot of good by preventing an epidemic break out.

So, all in all, it was a strong episode and Espo did a great job in carrying it.  Hopefully Ryan will get an episode centered on him too before the end of the season.  Of course I love the focus on Castle and Beckett but it is a treat seeing the other members of the team get the focus once in a while.

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