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Castle 7X09 Review: Lights, Camera, Action

By anna
In Recaps
December 8, 2014

In the latest episode of Castle, Castle revealed what a big movie buff he is while Kate got ready to sell her apartment.  Then the weekly murder involved the death of a movie star.  What could go wrong on this case?  A lot.

Castle was disappointed to find out the star he died was an actor whose movies he loved.  The rest of the cast of his latest movie were all saddened by his death but no one had any idea who was behind it.  Castle eventually got invited to go have a drink with the rest of the cast and he was unable to say no due to his excitement.

However, going out for drinks didn’t turn out how Castle expected.  The cast was planning to break into a club owner’s office because they believed he had some info on who had killed their friend.  Castle tried to get away from them but they forced him to stay, saying they needed his help.  He reluctantly agreed.

The gang broke into the club in an amusing nod to an action movie sequence.  Castle tried to act cool like the rest of the gang but he didn’t quiet manage it.  He did manage to steal what they needed though so in that regard, the mission was a success.

Castle gave the evidence he found to Beckett.  When she questioned how he got it, he sort of brushed the question aside and she decided to ignore it.  They managed to solve the case and found the victims responsible for the crime.  All was solved.

So while this wasn’t a big plot-driven episode, it was a fun filler that had some great moments of comedy.

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