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Glee – Episode 6×01 – 6×02 – Extended Synopsis

By Travis
December 25, 2014

Episode 6.01 – “Loser Like Me” (09-Jan-2015)

Following the epic failure of the very first episode of her semi-autobiographical live TV series, a humiliated – and now unemployed – Rachel flees Hollywood and returns home to Lima, Ohio looking for moral support and a reboot. Unfortunately, things at home aren’t any better, as she quickly discovers her two dads are in the midst of getting a divorce and their family home is being sold. Misery loves company, and Rachel reconnects with Blaine, who, following his breakup with Kurt and being cut from NYADA, has also returned home to Lima to lick his wounds, and has taken a position as the coach of the all-male Dalton Academy Glee Club, the Warblers. Also back home is Sam, who has given up his modeling career for the lower stress position as McKinley’s assistant football coach, and proud poppa Will has taken a job coaching McKinley’s bitter rivals, Vocal Adrenaline.

In the interim, Sue, McKinley’s new principal, has remade the school in her own image, disbanding the Glee Club and ridding the school of every last remnant of New Directions – and all arts classes and clubs in general – and turning it into a sports powerhouse. Meanwhile, in New York, Kurt tries to move on with his post-Blaine life but finds himself second-guessing his decision and getting a rude awakening. Back at McKinley, following an attitude intervention by her friends, Rachel sets her sights on a new goal… reinstating the arts and reviving the Glee Club at McKinley… but it comes with a catch, and a whole new set of challenges.

Episode 6.02 – “Homecoming” (09-Jan-2015)

As Homecoming approaches at McKinley, Rachel finds she is up against several obstacles, some old and some new, as she tries to reconstitute the school’s Glee Club, but she remains unfazed and dedicated to her task at hand. While Kurt has stepped up to assist her in the monumental task, the two soon find themselves in an all-too-familiar power struggle. Following a moment of inspiration, Rachel resorts to calling on the alumni of New Directions in a bid to make Glee Club cool again, and Puck, Quinn, Santana, Mercedes, Brittany, Artie and Tina arrive to act as recruiters and mentors. While it looks like Rachel’s immediate problems may be solved, the returning alums discover much has changed at McKinley in their absence.

At Dalton Academy, Blaine is shocked with the news that a new student – a girl named Jane – has been admitted to the formerly all-male school and wants to be a Warbler, which results in chaos among the current members of the show choir and ends with Jane getting a chance to earn her way into the exclusive club. Meanwhile, Kurt finds himself in an unusual situation when he approaches a gay – and uniquely empowered – member of McKinley’s football team in a bid to recruit him for the Glee Club, Sue continues her pursuit to crush the new iteration of New Directions, and three rival show choir coaches find keeping their “friendly competition” friendly to be a bit harder than anticipated.

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