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Glee – Episode 6×08 “A Wedding” – Spoilers & Attendance

By Travis
In Spoilers
December 12, 2014

These come for someone who found part of the script whilst on the set of Glee.

Glee – Episode 6.08 – A Wedding

– Kurt ask Blaine if he still wants to marry him.
– Brittana is getting married because Santana is going on tour soon and they want to get married “before they become famous” 
– Burt finds out about Kurt and Blaine running away to elope and ask for Pam’s help to convince them to stay and have a proper wedding.
– Santana and Rachel convinces Kurt and Blaine to have a double wedding.
– Rachel gives the finn necklace to Kurt.
– The last scene of the episode shows Brittana going back to New York and Kurt moving in with Blaine.


Wedding Attendance Spoiler

Mr Lopez and Mr Anderson aren’t in attendance. Everyone else is.

Whitney S. and Pierce Pierce, Maribel and Alma Lopez , Burt and Carole Hummel, and Pam Anderson are all attending the wedding. 

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