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Castle 7X11 Review: It’s Elementray My Dear

By anna
In Recaps
January 15, 2015

castle-7x11Castle finally returned from its winter hiatus with the continuation of their Christmas episode.  Where we last left off, Castle had been banned from the 12th precinct and Laine and Esposito broke up.  How did Castle work around his ban?  By becoming a private investigator.  That’s how!

We learned that after being banned, Castle’s family assumed he had been moping around the house.  But what they didn’t know and what Beckett didn’t find out until he showed up at the crime scene was that Castle had been taking online classes to become a PI.  This was a great move by the show.  It’s been quite a while that Castle really had his own storyline (he has that amnesia/disappearance story from the beginning of the season but they haven’t touched on that in a while) and this particular storyline brought new life into the show.

Castle and the 12th precinct raced against each other to be the one to solve the case first.  Along the way, they ended up helping each other with different clues and sort of solved the case together.  At first, Beckett seemed to think that Castle as a PI wasn’t a good idea but she came around in the end after he won her over and told him he should stick with it.

Hopefully, the show won’t have Castle rejoin the 12th precinct anytime soon.  It’s great to see the whole gang together again of course, but it’s such a joy watching Castle run around as a PI that it would be a shame to lose that early.  And Castle’ new job brought a lot of that spark and banter back that Castle and Beckett had in the earlier seasons as their chemistry was on fire during the episode.  It will be a delight to see what Castle’s next case that he investigates will be!


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