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Castle 7X12 Review: A Priceless Purse

By anna
In Recaps
January 27, 2015

Castle-7x12-Castle-Beckett-and-Sophia-460x270The latest episode of Castle continued the storyline of Castle working as a P.I.  This time, Castle struggled a bit with getting genuine clients to work for until Beckett sent someone his way that was involved in the case of the week.  Her mission for Castle?  To find a missing purse.  Castle was a bit disappointed at first but he took the job anyway.

While Castle was on the search for the missing purse, the precinct had to solve a crime that involved the death of a star on a popular telenovela.  They talked to some of the people involved on the show and many of them claimed not to be involved.  There was one cast member they did lead the team to who they claimed was trying to attack Anna (the fallen star) and had to be lead away from the set.  The team pulled him in for questing and he revealed that it had been a set up by Anna because she wanted to get away from the show for a bit.

As they continued looking into the case, Beckett discovered that Anna had been getting ready to leave the show to start her own television network with a partner that heavily featured woman since most shows didn’t.  As they searched for more clues for Anna’s killer, Beckett kept running into Castle who was still searching for the purse.

While starting his search for the purse, Castle discovered that it wasn’t just an ordinary purse.  It was covered with diamonds.  Once he realized that, he took greater care and interest in finding it which lead to a series of amusing scenes, including one where he and Beckett began making out in his office and getting caught by a client.  Castle eventually discovered a big clue that ended up helping Beckett solve her case.

Castle ended up finding the purse his client needed and after inspecting it more closely, he accidentally knocked off one of the diamonds.  It was then he realized that it was a knockoff and confronted his client when she returned to the office, asking her what was so important about this particular purse.  Shortly before she had arrived at his office, he had found a flash drive in the bag.  Once she realize he had the flash drive, she panicked and held him at gun point.  Castle fought her off just in time as Beckett and her team arrive on the scene.

Beckett talked to Castle’s client who finally admitted the flash drive and information on the new network Anna wanted to start. She also revealed that her and Anna were friends and partners who were planning to do this together but that the boss in charge of Anna’s show wouldn’t have been happy with them leaving since Anna was such a big, rising star.  That was when Beckett discovered who was really behind all this.

Beckett then confronted the man in charge of the show and finally got him to admit he was the one behind it all.  He had overheard Anna planning the new network and just wanted to stop her leaving.  Beckett arrested him and Anna’s partner thanked her for helping solve the case.  She also revealed that she had gotten the money for the new network delivered on time and had put the network’s name in honor of Anna.  She then signed an autograph for Esposito who reluctantly admitted that he was a big fan of the telenovelas.  Castle and Beckett then headed home for the day, pleased with their work on the case.

So while this wasn’t a big episode that moved the plot forward, it was a fun filler episode.  Hopefully though, the show will go back to Castle’s amnesia storyline soon and reveal more about what really happened to him.

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