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Glee 6X01 Review: You Have To Lose Everything To Get Back On Top

By anna
In Recaps
January 13, 2015

After a series of testing the waters with New York only episodes, the creators of Glee decided to return the show to its roots and send everyone back to Lima.  On paper, this idea shouldn’t really work.  Would anyone really want to watch the Glee kids drop out of college and lose everything they had worked for only to return to the town they were so desperate to get out of?  Doesn’t sound too great right?  Well somehow, it just worked on Glee.

leamichele-chriscolfer-glees6The season premiere kicked off with Rachel on the set of her new TV show and things weren’t going well at all.  We discovered that the show had the lowest ratings in interesting and was canned after one episode.  Fired, Rachel had no choice but to leave the set.  She went into hiding for months and then returned home only to find out that her dads were getting a divorce.  Her dad gave her some advice that seems to set up the whole season storyline: “Sometimes, you have to lose everything to get back on top.”  And if Rachel is still the ambitious driven girl we knew from the Pilot, she’ll do whatever it takes to put her life back together again.

Rachel wasn’t the only one whose life got off track.  Blaine had troubles of his own, still feeling the aftermath of his recent and surprising break up with Kurt.  The break up caused Blaine to become so depressed that he flunked out of NYADA and moved back home with his parents in Lima.  When Rachel meets up with Blaine, he is finally trying to get his life back on track and has landed a job with coaching the Dalton Academy Warblers, his alma matter.

That was when we checked in with Kurt.  Kurt is also struggling with the break up even though he was the one to call his and Blaine’s relationship off.  We saw a breakup and Kurt was a little harsh, not even allowing them to talk it out and Blaine declared he will never forgive him.  In present time, it is clear Kurt regrets the break up and he too heads back to Lima.  Thankfully, Kurt didn’t drop out of school.  Instead, he had a good reason to return to Lima thanks to the internship that NYADA required.  He met Rachel as he returned home and admitted that he wanted Blaine back.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to be that easy.

When Kurt and Blaine first met with each other after the break up, it was awkward and tense.  Of course things weren’t going to be the same and the show showed that extremely well with an excellent use of voice overs.  Kurt was then in for a shock as he discovered that Blaine was now dating Dave Karofsky.  This was a shocking move by the show and it is the only thing that didn’t quite work in the episode.  Why would Blaine, even after the break up, date the boy that used to bully and threaten Kurt’s life on a daily basis?  At least it does seem that Karofsky has changed but Kurt quickly excused himself to cry in the bathroom.

There was at least one character who seemed pretty happy with how life was going.  We checked in with Will Schuester in an incredibly sweet scene where we got to see his baby son Daniel for the first time.  Will is now the coach of rival show choir Vocal Adrenaline and still getting used to the way they run things.  Will was used excellently in the season premiere, giving all the kids advice and helping them get their lives back on track.

One character that hasn’t changed one bit is Sue Sylvester. More bent on destruction than ever, she has gotten rid of all arts at McKinley.  In a line, we learned that she forced Ryder, Kitty, Marley, Unique and Jake to transfer to other schools.  That was a bit disappointing to hear.  These kids were such a big storyline in season 4 that it would be nice for their characters to gain some closure.  And hopefully they will return later in the season to get that.

Speaking of Sue getting rid of the arts, Rachel was shocked when she discovered that.  She sat down with the superintendent and he agreed that she could start up the glee club again if she used her money she had left over from her TV show.  Rachel returned to McKinley and much to Sue’s displeasure, restarted the McKinley Glee Club with Kurt as co-coach.

So the general storyline of season 6 seems to be overcoming life’s hurdles to reach the top.  And with three rival show choirs being coached by 3 different beloved characters, it makes the competitions seem more interesting again.  All in all, it was a very smart move to move the show away from New York and return to Lima full time.


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