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Glee 6X02 Review: Home Is Wherever I’m With You

By anna
In Recaps
January 16, 2015

glee 6x02Glee’s second episode of the season aired right after the season premiere and it was a smart decision to air the two together.  Since the first episode was a set up for the rest of the season, episode two didn’t need to worry about catching the viewers up to speed and we just got to follow along for the ride.  What a ride it was!

This week was homecoming at McKinley and it was also the one time where Glee didn’t come up with a contrived reason to bring most of the grads back home to Lima.  It worked with all of them there and Rachel enlisted their help to recruit new members for New Directions.  In classic New Directions style, the grads sang a group song in the cafeteria but it didn’t totally go as planned.  Not to worry though.  Rachel and the others heard someone singing through the air vents and the kid had a fantastic voice.  This sent them all on a search to find the owner of that voice.

Speaking of new kids, we got introduced to a few of them and they all fit into the show very well.  We had Jane, a girl whose parents had to sue Dalton Academy to let her in the all-boys school.  She wanted to join the Warblers but the rest of the group and Blaine were all hesitant about letting a girl join since it was traditionally an all-male group.  Blaine talked them into letting her audition and she has a killer voice.  We were introduced to a gay football player named Spencer.  Kurt attempted to get him to join Glee Club but he turned him down, saying he wasn’t a big fan of theater.  Along with Spencer, we got introduced to a pair of twins on the Cheerios named Madison and Mason.  We didn’t get to see a lot of those two but they seemed pretty funny.  And last but not least, we met Roderick who was the one singing that they heard through the air vents.

Speaking of Jane, things didn’t go well with the Warblers.  Blaine convinced them to let her audition and she did a spectacular job but it wasn’t enough.  Blaine reluctantly informed her that the council had voted against her joining and said he would fight for her to join.  Jane changed her mind and ended up joining New Directions instead.  Blaine was understandably upset but accused Rachel of recruiting her.

And then we get to Roderick.  New Directions finally discovered he was the one singing and he was afraid at first that they were going to beat him up.  They convinced him to audition and he has an amazing voice.  He was let into the group along with Jane, Madison and Mason.  Hopefully, New Directions will be able to gain nine more members so they can compete at Sectionals.

We also saw Will inviting Rachel, Blaine, Sam and Kurt over to his apartment for a friendly dinner between the show choir coaches.  He made them all promise that they would keep the competition friendly and they all agreed.  It was a lovely scene but unfortunately the promises didn’t last long since Blaine is furious at losing Jane. But you can’t really blame him; anyone would be upset in his position.

In the final scene, the episode ended with one of the best group numbers Glee has done in a while.  Everyone was included in a way and it was reminiscent of the earlier days.  Oh and one more thing to mention, not all the sophomores were forced to transfer. It was a nice surprise to see Kitty still on the Cheerios.  She is rightfully bitter about how her and her friends were treated and I hope this means that Ryder, Unique, Marley and Jake will eventually return.

So, Glee returned with a very strong start to the season.  If the rest of season six keeps this quality, the rest of the season will be great and much better than season 5.

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