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Glee 6X03 Review: Love And Heartbreak

By anna
In Recaps
January 19, 2015

Glee6x03The newest episode of Glee continued showing us how Kurt was struggling to deal with his and Blaine’s breakup but not everyone suffered from heartbreak.  Santana worked up the courage to propose to Brittney and Coach Beiste revealed some surprising news.  Glee continues to keep its viewers entertained.

First up this episode was the Klaine drama.  Kurt and Blaine shared an awkward encounter at the music store where Blaine was browsing with Karofsky.  They didn’t talk long but after Blaine left, it was clear just how much Kurt missed Blaine and they sang one of their best duets on the show so far.  Will things ever work out for these two or will Blaine choose to stay with Karofsky?  Hopefully Kurt and Blaine will reunite and work through their problems so that their relationship stays intact this time.

But like mentioned before, not everyone was having relationship issues.  Things between Brittney and Santana are going very well.  The two of them have worked everything out and are now planning to go to college in New York together which was a clever way for the show to work them in in future episodes if characters like Rachel, Blaine and Kurt head back to the big Apple.  Brittney and Santana sang a duet in the choir room and Santana took that moment to propose to Brittney in a sweet scene.  Brittney happily said yes but then Kurt sort of ruined the moment by stating his opinion that he thought they were too young.  Brittney and Santana were understandably upset and everyone else agreed that this wasn’t the time or place for Kurt’s opinion and they were right.

Speaking of Kurt, this was the first time we really got to see him and Rachel as co-directors and it went hilariously bad.  They argued over what kind of music lesson to do with the new kids.  Rachel thought they should do something more modern and current while Kurt wanted to do more old-school breakup songs.  They ended up compromising and introducing mashups to the newbies.  It’s interesting to see all the different teaching styles that the characters have.  Kurt and Rachel are very different from Will, Finn, and Blaine and Sam (from what we saw of their brief teaching during Guilty Pleasures).  It’s hard to say who is the best.

In this episode, we also got to see the new kids participating in their first lesson.  Mason and Jane shared a lovely duet together but unfortunately their performance was intercut with Klaine flashbacks because the song made Kurt think of their relationship.  The flashbacks were lovely but since this was the first time we got to see the new kids in a lesson, it would have been nice if the focus had been solely on them, especially since we already had a flashback montage similar to this in Kurt and Blaine’s duet in this same episode.

Kurt did have a nice scene with Brittney where he apologized for sort of ruining the moment.  Brittney accepted his apology and gave Kurt some advice for his relationship with Blaine.  She revealed that Karofsky and Blaine were now moving in together and we saw in a hilarious flashback that Brittney had decorated their apartment for them.  After that scene, Santana confronted Kurt and um, didn’t seem as willing to forgive him as Brittney was.  In an impressive monologue, she insulted Kurt in typical Santana fashion and gave her opinions on just why his relationship with Blaine didn’t work out.  Ouch.  You can’t really blame her though.  Kurt did ruin her proposal moment a bit while she had been completely supportive for his.

One thing that should be mentioned is that we also got a nice Becky storyline in this episode.  Becky reveled that she had a new boyfriend and Sue and the others at McKinley were shocked that he was a nice, normal guy.  They kept spying on him, wondering just why he was dating Becky and he ended up giving a great speech that they were only concerned about their relationship because Becky had down syndrome when that wasn’t the only thing about her and that he liked her for her.  The others grew to accept their relationship and it was then that Becky admitted to Quinn and Tina that she had lied to Darrell about being a member of every club because she had just wanted him to like her.  Quinn and Tina told her that she needed to be honest for her relationship to be real and she finally admitted the truth to Darrell.  It didn’t change Darrell’s opinion at all and the two of them seemed happier and closer than ever.

There was one more storyline that Glee tackled in this episode.  Sam, Spencer and the rest of the football team noticed that something strange was going on with Coach Beiste.  She wasn’t acting like her usual self and kept having mood swings.  Spencer asked Coach Beiste if he could have a shot at trying out for quarterback and she didn’t even give him a chance, telling him he was one of their best wide receivers.  He was disappointed but Sam told him if he was the head coach, he would have given him a chance.  Spencer then went to talk to Sue and told her that Coach Beiste was acting strange and he also vouched for Sam while he talked to her.  Sue then talked to Coach Beiste and told her she had found a bunch of medicine and other things.  She then asked if the coach had cancer and Shannon told her yes.  Sue was understandably shocked and horrified.  Later on while talking to Sue and Sam in Sue’s office, Shannon confessed she had lied about cancer but that she did have other things going on.  She wasn’t feeling comfortable in her own body and had decided to have surgery to transition into a man.  Sue and Sam assured her that she had their full support and it was touching to see them stand by her side.  This is an important storyline for Glee to tackle and hopefully the show will do it well.

So it was a decent episode but the storylines seemed a bit all over the place and didn’t really flow well together.  The music was very good though and made up for the different storylines.  The season premiere episodes were overall better done than this one but the latest episode was far from Glee’s worst episodes.  Hopefully the next episode will be more on par with season 6’s premiere episodes.


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