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Glee 6X04 Review: Shipping And Invitationals

By anna
In Recaps
January 25, 2015

The latest episode of Glee continued the Klaine drama and introduced the first show choir competition of the season.  There were also beginnings of a new romance and turns out a character on the show actually ships Klaine?  Only on Glee would some of this stuff happen.

Glee-6x04-BTS-2The episode began with Sue inviting Will over to McKinley to have lunch together.  As he left to head back to Carmel, he left behind an unused fork which for some reason set Sue off on a rage?  She then took Becky to a hidden locker where she kept reminders of everything Will and the glee club had ever done to wrong her.  It was in that moment she admitted that she shipped Klaine and was heartbroken that they were split up.  She then plotted on ways to get them back together.  While it was a hilarious nod to the Glee fandom, it did almost seem a bit out of character for Sue to be a shipper.  But it is Glee and weirder things have happened.

After that, Sue told all the show choirs that she had decided to host Invitationals at McKinley.  Rachel talked to Will and asked him to take it easy on New Directions since this was their first major performance.  After a touching moment in which Will looked at Finn’s memorial plaque, Will agreed.  Blaine however, wasn’t so easy-going and told Rachel the Warblers would be on their A-game at Invitationals.  Rachel was a bit hurt but Blaine had other things on his mind.

Blaine and Karofsky are still together but Sue is now determined to break them up.  While the couple were at dinner together, they both got embarrassed when it turned out that all of Karofsky’s ex-boyfriends where there and there were a lot.  Then Sue appeared showing them that she had done research on their family trees only to discover that the two of them were 3rd cousins.  Say what?  It was hard to tell if that was supposed to be completely serious or just a joke.  Oh and Sue also let a bear into their apartment.

In the midst of all this, one of Sue’s other schemes was to throw Rachel off her game for the show choir competitions by having her fall in love.  So, she hypnotized Sam to lead Rachel on and Rachel ended up falling for him a bit.  Sam and Rachel have great chemistry and it was nice to see Rachel letting herself be open to finding love again but it might have been better without the hypnotizing plot.  Sam of course, didn’t remember any of it as soon as the hypnosis was gone and Rachel was hurt and confused when Sam admitted he wasn’t over his feelings for Mercedes yet.  This seems to set up a new love triangle with Rachel/Sam/Mercedes and it will be interesting to see which option the show chooses to go with.

As it was almost time for the Invitationals to begin, Will was surprised to find Sam digging through his mailbox when he got home.  Sam then stated that Rachel made him steal Will’s mail and Will got understandably upset.  The problem was that Sue had hypnotized Sam again and she was the reason behind Sam stealing Will’s mail.  Uh-oh.  Well at least this made Invitationals more interesting.

Will wasn’t as willing now to go easy on Rachel and New Directions and told Vocal Adrenaline they were going back to their original plan.  Vocal Adrenaline didn’t seem pleased at all and it became obvious they don’t like Will.  Will is a great teacher but Vocal Adrenaline isn’t the right style for him.  When he tried to get them to do a show circle, not one kid joined in and it was shown then that Will has been struggling with them.  Vocal Adrenaline then performed and the performances were amazing.  New Directions and the Warblers were all stunned but before we could see what happened next, it ended!

The episode turned out to be a 2-parter so the conclusion will air this Friday.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the rest of the Invitationals competition, the new Sam/Mercedes/Rachel love triangle and the Klaine storyline.



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