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The Originals 2X10 Review: Therapy Sessions And Family Drama

By anna
In Recaps
January 26, 2015

The Originals finally returned from its winter hiatus with a strong, mid-season premiere.  There was an intense situation that caused the vampires and werewolves to be locked up together, an Original sibling seeking revenge on their parents and a therapy session that involved board games.  So, as you can see, there was plenty to keep viewers entertained.

71e3db02a9adfbad70107626d288c99aThe episode started off with Klaus taking Cami to the safe house so that she could help take care of Hope and Elijah after he picked up Hayley.  We saw Elijah cooking breakfast for himself and Hayley and it’s clear how close the two of them are now, especially after the events of the last episode.  But Elijah is still suffering from the effects of his mother’s spell and it’s unclear how long this will last.  Klaus and Cami arrived at that moment and that was when Cami was shocked to discover that Baby Hope is alive after all.

Klaus and Hayley returned back to their compound while Cami stayed behind in the safe house with Elijah and Hope.  After seeing Elijah and Hayley, it became clear to everyone else what had gone on between them.  Klaus teased Hayley about it and she told him to stop.  It was nice to see Klaus not jealous of his brother for once and that shows some great character development.  He then told Hayley that he understand why she felt obligated to marry Jackson and told her she should go through with it because sometimes, it wasn’t about love.  Cami in turn, tried talking to Elijah about what had happened with his mother but he brushed her off and she tried to convince him to play a round of Trivial Pursuit.  He brushed that off too and it was then she turned the subject to Hayley.  Getting slightly flustered, Elijah decided to play Trivial Pursuit after all.

Klaus, Hayley, Marcel and Jackson were attempting to help the werewolves and the vampires learn to get along better but that was when Finn decided to join in and things got a little messy.  Finn found his mother where Klaus had locked her up and discovered that she had decided to transition into a vampire after all.  He then sort of lost and gave a speech declaring that she was a hypocrite and knew that his mother would want him to finish her work.  He then took her and sort of reunited her with Mikael.  Speaking of Mikael, he had sought Finn out earlier in the episode, wanting him to help him take down Klaus and Elijah.  Finn refused, wanting to do it on his own turns, and he took both his mother and father and did a spell on them eerily similar to the one Papa Tunde performed on Rebekah last year.  He then used this spell to trap the vampires and werewolves together.

This lead to some problems for new couple Josh and Aiden.  The spell that Finn pleased over the area lead to the vampires struggling with their thirst and Josh realized he had to get away from Aiden so that he wouldn’t risk killing him.  Aiden seemed to understand and Marcel, Klaus and Hayley worked together to keep everyone calm.  They then enlisted Kol and Davina’s help to end the spell.

Klaus was understandably still upset for what Kol had done to Rebekah and sort of blackmailed him into helping.  Kol and Davina began working together to stop Finn’s spell.  And speaking of Rebekah, we checked back in with her and she was still stuck in a new body at the insane asylum.  She discovered that no one ever left once they arrived and was desperate to find a way out.  Along the way, she spotted a ghost and…could it really have been Freya?  Rebekah of course, had no idea who she was.

Checking back in at the safe house, Cami was attempting to stump Elijah on a Trivial Pursuit question.  She was shocked to discover that he knew every single answer, even to the smallest of questions and was determined to find one he didn’t know.  During the game, she accidentally spilled some wine on Elijah’s sleeve.  Uh-oh.  As viewers will remember, that didn’t go so well last time someone got a stain on Elijah’s suit and unfortunately, that caused him to begin to relapse and lose control again.  Cami quickly realized what was happening and tried to help but he quickly disappeared.  She went to look for him and suddenly found herself about to be attacked by him.  Just before the attack, Elijah managed to control himself and quickly disappeared from the room.

Back at the compound, Davina and Kol finally managed to break Finn’s spell, freeing everyone from being stuck.  Klaus furiously confronted Kol and gave him a head start to run, deciding to leave his brother to the other werewolves and vampires.  Klaus left with Hayley and before Kol was attacked, Davina begged Marcel to stop them.  Marcel agreed and told Kol to disappear before he changed his mind.  It’s very clear that this whole situation gave Davina just one more reason to hate Klaus.

There was more storyline going on in this episode.  Hayley and Jackson talked again about the marriage idea and Hayley told Jackson she needed to tell him something.  She revealed that she had slept with Elijah and Jackson got upset and angry.  He then later returned to Hayley and admitted that he knew about her feelings for Elijah and that he was wrong to get upset like that.  During his talk with Hayley, he proposed to her and told her he loved her with all he had.  Hayley remained silent and it was clear how much she really loved Elijah but she ended up accepting Jackson’s proposal to help her people.

Back at the safe house, Klaus called Elijah to check in and inform him of everything that had happened.  Elijah seemed much more in control of himself and as Cami came outside, he admitted to Klaus over the phone that Cami’s presence was helpful to him.  After the phone call, Elijah apologized to Cami over the relapse earlier and Cami told him it was fine.

This episode left us with a lot of new questions.  What exactly did Finn do to Esther and Mikael?  Will Josh and Aiden manage to make their relationship work?  Will Hayley and Jackson get married or will Hayley end up unable to go through with it because of her love for Elijah?  Will Rebekah ever get out of that asylum and will Dahlia and Freya make an appearance?  And how long will Esther’s spell have an effect on Elijah?  Hopefully we find out the answers to all these questions before the end of this season.


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