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The Originals 2X11 Review: Secrets Revealed

By anna
In Recaps
January 29, 2015

The Originals 2X11 Review: Secrets Revealed

In the newest episode of The Originals, Finn sought out revenge on his family, Marcel took charge again of the vampires of New Orleans and Elijah finally confessed a hidden secret while Jackson and Hayley planned their marriage ritual.  All of this made it the best episode of the season so far.

BrotherhoodOfDamned-featureAt the beginning of the episode, we saw Elijah and Cami back at the safe house.  And the scene was a long time coming because Cami actually sat down and talked to Elijah about the ordeal his mother put him through.  It’s clear that Elijah is still struggling but it was so nice to see someone sitting down and trying to help him through his problems.  Elijah finally admitted that he had killed Tatia and Cami was taken by surprise.  Then Elijah said that Klaus could never know because he would never forgive him and it was easy to see how much pain that thought caused Elijah.

While that was happening, Klaus enlisted Davina’s help with Finn’s spell.  Before she could really get to work on it, he collapsed unconscious to the ground as at the same time, Elijah and Kol also lost consciousness.  Kol, Elijah and Klaus were all confused when they found themselves in a hunting lodge type of place and that was when Finn showed up, telling him that they would be there for a while.  Turns out, he had cast a mind spell and was trapping them in it, keeping them from regaining consciousness.

As Elijah, Kol and Klaus remained trapped with Finn, Marcel had his own struggles.  He and his vampire army were still stuck in the compound and their hunger was growing more and more.  They soon realized that Finn was planning on keeping them stuck till sundown and then release them.  The problem with that is that a huge parade was going on at the time and the vampires wouldn’t be able to resist the human blood easily as thirsty as they were.  While Marcel tried to figure out what to do, it was discovered that he had been bitten by a werewolf in last week’s episode.  Klaus promised to get his blood to him but of course, that wouldn’t be so easy with Klaus also trapped in a spell of Finn’s.

Going back to the Mikaelson brothers, Finn still had them trapped in their own minds and they discovered that the animal heads on the walls represented each of them.  Finn was a Boar, Kol a Fox, Klaus a Wolf and Elijah a Noble stag.  Kol angrily confronted Finn who threatened him.  Finn ended up sending Kol back since his real anger was with Elijah and Klaus.  Kol regained consciousness and Marcel kept his vampires from attacking him, saying they might need him later.

After a while longer, Elijah realized what was keeping them trapped and he told Finn that his animal was misrepresented.  In a tense, heartbreaking moment, Elijah finally confessed to Klaus that he had killed Tatia.  It was clear how much he was afraid his brother would never forgive him and in an intense moment it looked like Klaus wouldn’t.  But then Klaus told Finn he also misrepresented him, thinking him incapable of a certain quality.  In a wonderful moment of character growth, Klaus told Elijah he forgave him and that ended Finn’s spell, helping Elijah and Klaus wake up again.  Cami asked Elijah if he was alright and Elijah, though he seemed a little shaken, assured her that he was for now.  Davina and Klaus quickly set off to help Marcel and his army.

Throughout the episode, we saw a series of Flashback of Marcel and his days in the army.  One of his fellow soldiers, Joe, soon realized that he wasn’t just a man but kept Marcel’s secret.  After their army’s leader was killed, Marcel stepped up as leader.  Klaus came to the place where they were fighting and attempted to get Marcel to return home.  Marcel refused to leave his men behind.  These flashbacks paralleled present time as Gia accused Marcel of being a poor leader because he wouldn’t even tell them he was suffering from a werewolf bite.  That was when Marcel really stepped up and in a powerful speech, told his army that he would be with them and lead them to blood bags once the spell left if they trusted him.  The speech won them over and he led them through the city without any casualties happening.

While that was going on, Klaus called Elijah to check that everything was still okay at the safe house.  Elijah assured him that all was fine and it was obvious that Elijah was still a little nervous and uncertain about Klaus’s forgiveness.  Klaus sensed that and told his brother he meant what he said during Finn’s spell, that he was capable of forgiveness.  Elijah seemed relieved and touched as he silently agreed with Klaus that the two of them needed to stick together now more than ever.  This really was wonderful character development for Klaus, who would have daggered Elijah on the spot for confessing about Tatia last season.  As Klaus hung up, Finn paid him a visit, saying he knew he was hiding something and that he would find out what it was no matter the cost.  That was when Klaus decided to check on Hayley.

While the Mikaelson brother’s drama was happening, Hayley and Jackson were basically planning out their wedding.  Jackson told Hayley that they would need to complete a few rituals before the vows and that his grandmother would help them.  Hayley was a bit nervous about meeting his grandmother and Jackson assured her the meeting would be fine.  They finally reached her house in the woods and well…his grandmother could have been a little friendlier to Hayley since it was their first time meeting.  But oh well.  Jackson’s grandmother got right down to business telling them they would start with sharing their secrets.  Hayley hesitated at that one as Jackson explained they would link their minds so that they knew everything about each other.  Thinking of Hope, Hayley tried to refuse to do it but Jackson stopped her before she could run off.  He assured her that he would stop if she became uncomfortable with it at any point.  Hayley reluctantly agreed and returned with him.  That was when Klaus showed up, intending to remind her that some things needed to be kept secret.

The episode ended with Finn showing up at Marcel’s place.  He knocked him out with some sort of spell and kidnapped him, planning to do whatever it took to find out about Hope.

So this episode brought some wedding drama for Hayley and Jackson, Marcel possibly regained his place as leader and the bond between Elijah and Klaus is tighter than ever.  Will Finn or Jackson wind up finding out about baby Hope?  Will the wedding still go through?  Is Elijah over the effects of his mother ‘s torture and just what will happen to Rebekah?

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