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The Vampire Diaries 6X09 Review: I, Alone

By anna
In Recaps
January 13, 2015

The Vampire Diaries 6X09 Review: I, Alone

This episode of The Vampire Diaries featured a surprising twist over a family relative, an attempted rescue mission and a fight between friends.  Never a dull moment on this show right?

Things kicked off with Damon compelling Alaric to get the ascendant from Jo by whatever means necessary.  So, Alaric chose to romance Jo to get it and it was unfortunate because of he hadn’t been compelled, it would have been a very sweet scene between the two of them.  Alaric did manage to get the location of the ascendant from Jo and nicked it for Damon who compelled him to forget this all happened and for him to be a good boyfriend.  Come on Damon.  You’re breaking the bro code by compelling your best friend!

After he got the ascendant, Damon planned to go back to 1994 to get Bonnie.  Elena wanted to go to and was thrilled that they were getting Bonnie back.  Elena told Jeremy the good news but Jeremy was reluctant to celebrate.  Understandably, he was unwilling to get his hopes up.  It’s sad that the poor guy is afraid of losing the ones he loves all the time.  After talking to Jeremy, Damon and Elena departed on their rescue mission with Liv’s help and they called Kai’s pager and got Bonnie instead.  Bonnie was delighted and promised them she would make it back to Mystic Falls as quickly as she could.

There was one problem.  Kai had managed to get out on his own.  The Gemini Coven probably should have been a little smarter and not placed a copy of the ascendant with him.  Now that Kai was out, the first thing he did was confront Liv.  He stole some of her magic but before he could do anymore damage, Tyler showed up just in time, protecting Liv as he tossed Kai over the balcony.

Jo arrived at Alaric’s office and he was taken aback as she confronted him, angry with him for stealing the ascendant.  Since he was compelled, Alaric was confused and told Jo he didn’t have it.  After a minute, Jo realized he had been compelled.  Alaric refused to believe that Damon would compel him since they were friends and Jo said all they had to do was cross the border.  If he was compelled they’d know and if he wasn’t, then they’d know Damon wasn’t his friend.

As Damon and Elena waited on Bonnie to return to them, they shared some old memories.  Unfortunately, they were pulled out of the prison world before Bonnie reached them.  Realizing that Kai could trap them there, Liv had pulled them out.  Damon and Elena were understandably upset as they realized Bonnie would remain all alone.

While all this was going on, Stefan reunited with his niece, Sarah Salvatore.  After they hung out for a while, Stefan confronted Sarah and revealed that he knew she wasn’t the real Sarah Salvatore.  Say what?  The girl admitted her real name was Monique and that she was an orphan just looking for a family.  Stefan compelled her to forget everything but that wasn’t enough for Enzo.  Enzo being Enzo, he snapped her neck right after that and killed her.  Matt was furious at his actions and yelled that they would never treat human lives the same.  With this whole storyline, is it possible the real Sarah Salvatore will soon show up since Stefan said he had watched over her her whole life?  I hope so!

This is where the episode got very sad.  Jeremy was upset about Bonnie not making it back again and started to return to drinking.   Matt stopped him and told Jeremy he needed him to help him kill vampires instead.  Wow, this is a new look for Matt and its uncertain if hanging out with Trip was really a good thing for him.  As that happened, Alaric confronted Damon and Damon knew Alaric was furious with him for compelling him.  Before Damon could explain, Alaric punched him twice and left.  Elena then showed up and Damon explained that he wanted Bonnie back for Bonnie.  That was when we saw a heartbreaking moment of Bonnie arriving at the Gilbert house only to find that Damon and Elena were now gone.  Bonnie finally broke down and the episode ended on a heartbreaking note.

Hopefully things will start looking happier for our Mystic Falls gang and everyone will make up with each other.  And can someone please rescue Bonnie?

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