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Castle 7X13 Review: Witness

By anna
In Recaps
February 4, 2015

This time, Castle found himself a witness to a crime that involved one of his clients while Esposito found out Ryan had set him up on a date.  Beckett tried to help Castle with his case and Castle was allowed back at the Precinct for a while since Gates was on vacation.  With his latest case, there was plenty to keep Castle occupied.

castle 7x13An old friend of Castle’s came to his office, saying she needed his help.  She admitted that she thought her husband was having an affair and wanted him to spy for her to see if it was true.  Castle was reluctant at first to take the case but she begged him to.  He agreed and later that night snuck to her house.  To his horror, he saw her being killed and dragged out of the house.  Before he could try to catch the killer, he got knocked out cold.

He regained consciousness a few hours later and got a hold of Beckett.  He explained what was going on and the police arrived on the scene.  They were unable to find any clues but Beckett and Castle set to work trying to find out who was behind the crime.

While Beckett and Castle worked together on the case, Esposito got annoyed that Ryan and Jenny had set him up on a date.  The two of them had been planning to go to a couple’s weekend with Espo and Laine but of course, the latter two had broken up.  Espo started to refuse to go on the date until he saw her picture, then he decided to give her a chance.

After that, Castle came up with the theory that his client was still alive.  After talking to someone she knew, they realized that her husband had indeed been having an affair with someone that he worked with.  The two of them had worked together to frame her husband for murder to pay him back.  But that was when the twist caused Castle and Beckett to rethink things.  After going to the husband’s house, Beckett saw him dead.  He appeared to have killed himself.

It was after that that Laine showed them the body of Castle’s client.  Castle still wanted to believe it was fake but Laine reluctantly confirmed it was her.  Beckett apologized to Castle that he had lost his friend but it was then they got an idea and finally figured out who the real killer was.

Castle and Beckett then confronted the lawyer of the late couple and finally got her to confess that she had been the one to kill both of them.  After arresting her, they finally arrived home.  Castle was still sad about the loss of his friend and told Beckett he wasn’t sure if he should keep doing his new P.I. job.  Beckett gave him some great advice and told him at the moment that he was feeling guilty over what happened to his friend and that he should sleep on it before making a decision.  Castle agreed and the two of them shared a sweet romantic moment.

In the midst of all that, Espo returned back from his date.  Ryan asked him hopefully how it had gone and Espo said it was a disaster.  It started off normal but then the girl had started giving him stalker vibes and that was when he realized Ryan and Jenny had put a profile up for him on his dating site.  Espo stormed off and then later told Ryan he had got himself another date.  It was a girl that Ryan and Jenny had blocked from his profile because they hadn’t wanted her to come.  Unfortunately for Ryan, Espo was planning to bring her along to the couple’s weekend.

The show has now brought up a few interesting questions.  Will Castle continue his work as P.I. or go back to writing novels full time?  And is it possible Laine and Esposito could get back together since they don’t seem quite as happy with anyone else?




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