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Glee 6X05 Review: Kisses And Competition

By anna
In Recaps
February 3, 2015

Friday’s episode of Glee continued where things left off in last week’s episode.  Kurt and Blaine were stuck in the elevator and the Invitationals competition was still going strong.  It was an hour filled with fun hi-jinks and fierce competition.

As Vocal Adrenaline finished their performance, Sue announced that there were a few rules.  Will was angry that Sue added rules after they had already performed but that didn’t stop her.  She said that all teams were required to sing older songs and that the Warblers would perform the next day and New Directions would perform the day after that.  All the teams were slightly unhappy that the competition would last 3 days because they didn’t know where they would sleep.  I couldn’t help wondering why they would be forced to stay at McKinley the whole time and only return for the competition but hey…it’s Glee!

Since they had a short break from the competition, everyone headed off in their own ways for a while.  Kurt ended up running into Blaine in the hallway and the two of them saw a brand new elevator.  They decided to use it and realized too late it was a fake.  As they tried to open the doors, a Sue puppet appeared and told them they would only be allowed out if they kissed.  The boys didn’t seem in love with the idea with everything that had happened since the breakup.

While Kurt and Blaine were stuck in the elevator, Rachel was attempting to recruit Kitty after Kurt had told her they needed new members.  Rachel begged her to join and at first Kitty refused because she was afraid of having her heart broken again.  Eventually she decided to give it another try and rejoined.  Then it was time for the Warblers performance.

The Warblers were forced to perform without their coach (since Blaine was still trapped in the elevator with Kurt) and they were amazing.  The choreography was spectacular and the vocals were great too.  New Directions were even more intimidated and as Rachel tried to figure out what to do next for their setlist, she had and Will had a nice conversation.  Will was still upset about the mail incident and Rachel was confused about what he was talking about.  Then the two of them realized that Sue was behind it.  Will told Rachel he was unable to go easy on New Directions and Rachel said she understood and that she shouldn’t have asked.  Will and Rachel have a great dynamic this season and it’s turning into a treat when they have scenes together.

Rachel was growing more and more worried about Kurt and finally called the police to let them know he had been missing.  They sent an officer over to help and he was the deaf choir coach!  He told Rachel his choir had been cut again because of budget and that was why he was now a police officer.  He tried to accuse Rachel of kidnapping Kurt but Rachel ignored him.  After that, Kitty told Rachel she had an idea for Invitationals and the two of them broke into Sue’s office where they managed to find a list of her favorite songs that always made her emotional.  Maybe New Directions could win after all!

Kurt and Blaine weren’t the only couple Sue was trying to interfere with.  She hypnotized Sam yet again to lead Rachel on and gave him terrible songs to convince her to have New Directions perform but thankfully the hypnosis didn’t last long this time and Rachel snapped him out of it.  Sam was then horrified at the songs he had and agreed with Rachel that New Directions shouldn’t do them.  It was then he went to recruit Spencer.  Spencer was happy that Sam had told him he could be Quarterback but Sam said he had changed his mind since apparently Spencer wasn’t brave enough to be a leader.  In a nice scene, Spencer admitted that he had secretly wanted to join glee club but didn’t want to hurt his rep.  Sam then told him about Finn and his story with the glee club and Spencer finally got the courage to join.  The way the show has been referencing Finn and including his memory in the show has been lovely.

After Spencer joined, it was time for New Directions to compete.  As they started their songs, we saw Kurt and Blaine still stuck in the elevator.  They seemed to be getting along well and things weren’t as awkward between them.  They played a game to pass the time away and stopped once Blaine brought up Dave.  That was only the little bit of awkwardness and they finally decided to get out of the elevator.  As New Directions sang, the two of them finally kissed and the Sue puppet was satisfied.  They both said the kiss meant nothing to them but it was clear that was a lie from the looks on both of their faces.  The two of them ran down the hallway to the competition.

Kurt made it in time to get to see New Directions perform their final two songs.  Sue quickly realized what they were singing and became touched and emotional and remembered flashbacks as they sang.  Will was also supportive of the New Directions and danced and clapped for them while they sang though Vocal Adrenaline wasn’t too happy with that.  New Directions finished and Sue announced the winners.  The Warblers came in 3rd, Vocal Adrenaline second and New Directions won!

Clint, the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline is a senior and was very unhappy and upset with Will when they lost.  Will tried to talk to him but he brushed him off and left.  It’s clear Will isn’t happy with Vocal Adrenaline and when Sue confronted him over the fork, he sort of ignored her and looked like he just missed McKinley.

So this episode began the competition between the three glee clubs and it will be interesting to see who ends up winning at Sectionals.  Kurt and Blaine claim that they won’t get back together but it’s clear they’re not quiet over each other yet and Will seems to hate Vocal Adrenaline while Sam seems a bit confused over his feelings for Rachel and Mercedes.  Hopefully, the show will give all these stories a satisfying end before the final episode airs in March.


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