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Glee 6X06: What The World Needs Now

By anna
In Recaps
February 7, 2015

Glee continued Brittney and Santana’s wedding storyline in the latest episode of Glee and Mercedes returned to give some much needed advice to Rachel and Sam.  It was also the first tribute episode of the season with music from Burt Bacharach.

glee 6x06The episode began with Brittney’s parents revealing some news they had kept quiet all these years.  Brittney’s dad was actually a robot, Stephen Hawking, instead of Pierce Pierce, her mother’s husband.  Brittney was a bit shocked but then told her parents her own news after Pierce assured her he was still her dad.  She revealed that she and Santana were getting married and her parents had a different reaction than Burt and Carol had had over their children’s engagements.  Brittney’s parents were thrilled!  However, there was one person in Santana’s family that Santana knew wouldn’t be thrilled with the news: her grandmother.

Brittney asked Santana if she wanted her grandmother to come to her wedding and Santana said no because she knew her grandmother wouldn’t approve.  It was then Brittney took matters into her own hands and went to visit Santana’s grandmother, Alma, without telling the woman who she was.  The two of them bonded and Alma seemed delighted to see that Brittney was engaged.  Brittney then had her on Fondue For Two.  Santana didn’t seem thrilled about any of it.

While that was happening, Mercedes came back to McKinley to help mentor.  While she was there, she gave Rachel the push she needed to start heading back to New York.  She told Rachel that she helped book her an audition and at first Rachel was too scared to go back.  After talking to New Directions, Mercedes had them do a performance for Rachel that reminded her of her love for New York.  The performance inspired Rachel to give it another try and Rachel went to her audition.  Rachel wasn’t the only person who Mercedes gave advice to though.

In the beginning of the episode, we saw that things were still a little awkward between Sam and Rachel.  The two of them had planned to try going on a date together but both ended up backing out of it.  Sam confessed that he still had feelings for Mercedes and Rachel said she didn’t know if she was ready to date yet.  Mercedes and Sam sat down and talked and Mercedes mentioned that she was now seeing someone else.  In order to convince Sam they were now only friends, she asked Sam if that made him jealous and Sam admitted only a little.  That was when Sam realized that they really were just friends and Mercedes encouraged him to go on a date with Rachel.

Speaking of Rachel, she returned from New York and told Mercedes that was the most at peace she had felt in several months.  Then she and Mercedes talked about Sam and Mercedes also encouraged her to give him a chance.  Sam then showed up and he and Rachel agreed to really go on a date together and Mercedes seemed pleased.

Going back to Alma, Brittney talked her into coming to McKinley for a surprise.  Alma arrived and it was then Santana appeared on stage, singing a solo for her grandmother.  The two of them hadn’t seen each other since Santana had come out to her and Alma kicked her out of the house.  At first the two of them seemed happy to see each other but then Alma became displeased when she realized that Santana and Brittney were getting married.  Santana then told her she would easily choose Brittney over her and Alma soon left.  It was sad that Santana and Alma didn’t resolve things between them but at least Santana had Brittney and her friends for support.

After the discussion with her grandmother, New Directions then talked to Brittney and Santana.  Artie (who Brittney had asked to be their wedding planner) said he had taken Alma’s chair off the family table and he now had a problem because all their friends wanted to sit with them.  Santana then seemed to cheer up as the rest of New Directions, their friends and Will sang a song to them and Will hosted the engagement party at his house.  And it was with that the episode ended on a much happier note.


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