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The Originals 2X12 Review: Hidden Truths

By anna
In Recaps
February 8, 2015

In the latest episode of The Originals, Jackson and Hayley faced some wedding drama (hey, that’s typical for most couples right?), Finn got closer to discovering a secret and Rebekah discovered a long lost family member.  The only thing this episode lacked was more of our favorite suit-wearing vampire.

The-Originals-2x12-4The episode began where things had left off last week.  Klaus was searching for Hayley in the bayou because he needed to remind her that certain secrets (aka Hope) should be kept quiet.  Jackson’s grandmother tried to make him leave but of course, nothing can really stop Klaus once he gets started.  He finally found Hayley and told her she was forbidden to tell Jackson anything.  Hayley was furious with him and said Jackson could be trusted.  Klaus told Hayley he trusted her but not Jackson then snapped her neck.  That was when Jackson showed up and told Klaus to back off.  Later on, Klaus found Jackson at his grandmother’s cabin and asked Jackson to step outside so they could talk.

As that was going on, Finn was determined to find out what secrets Klaus was hiding and put Marcel and his vampires under a spell that caused them immense hunger as he tried to get the secret from Marcel.  Marcel told Finn to let his people go and Finn refused, saying he needed to know what Marcel knew.  He took Marcel off on his own and we then checked into Davina and Kol.  After checking her phone and seeing messages from Aiden, Davina realized that Josh and Marcel were missing and set off with Kol to find them.  They found Josh and the others minus Marcel and ended the spell Finn had put on them.  Josh attempted to attack Aiden but Davina knocked him out with a spell and Aiden carried him off.  Then they went searching for Marcel.

We went back to Klaus and Jackson.  They were preparing to fight and Klaus asked Jackson how he would prefer to die.  Jackson ignored him and the fight began.  Jackson wasn’t so lucky against Klaus who basically beat him nearly to death.  As they fought, Klaus asked Jackson what his true intentions were with this wedding and Jackson declared that he loved Hayley and wanted to help his people.  Just as Klaus was about to kill him, Jackson gave him a last request.  He asked Klaus if he would help his people after he killed him.  Before Klaus could answer or kill him, Hayley appeared and fought Klaus off Jackson, protecting him.  Klaus then left, not killing Jackson after all.  After Klaus left, Hayley began to tell Jackson the story of baby Hope.

We then saw Klaus back at the family home and he called Elijah, who is still at the safe house, to let him know what was going on.  He informed Elijah of what had happened with Jackson and Elijah was surprised to learn that Klaus had let Jackson live.  Klaus told him that was because Jackson’s people could be of help to him and that Hayley would have turned on him if he hadn’t.  He then told Elijah he would be surprised at how fiercely Hayley defended Jackson and Elijah didn’t look too pleased.

After that we jumped to Finn who had Marcel tied up in a chair.  After trying to torture the information out of him, Finn soon realized that Marcel had been compelled to forget something.  That was when Finn put two and two together and realized that Hope must still be alive.  Uh-oh.  It is not a good thing that Finns knows about that and torturing Marcel wasn’t the only nasty business Finn was up to.  While he had Marcel held captive, Kol showed up claiming he wanted to help Finn.  Unluckily for Kol, Finn had had enough of his brother switching sides and put a spell over him, trapping Kol in the mortal body and basically giving him a death sentence.  Kol was horrified and panicked as Finn told him he should say his goodbyes because Kol didn’t have much longer to live.

While all this was happening we kept checking in with Rebekah back at the insane asylum and she was not having an easy time.  She had struck an alliance with Cassie and the two of them plotted to break out of there.  Rebekah noticed a new girl and tried helping her, first giving her an apple and then stopping the asylum owners from beating her when they found the stolen apple.  After Rebekah had had her fingers broken by the owners, the landlady noticed a creaky door swing open by itself and made the mistake of checking it out.  When she went to investigate, she was pulled in and later found dead.  Just as Rebekah was going to escape, Cassie tried to stop her, turning her in.  But things didn’t work out at the moment since the new girl arrived, killing her and the guards.  She then revealed to Rebekah that she was her sister Freyah and that it was time she paid their brothers a visit.  She helped Rebekah escape and Rebekah found Klaus, who seemed glad to find that his sister was safe.

So this episode set up a lot of important information for the rest of the season.  Are Jackson’s intentions as pure as he claims?  Will Rebekah get her old body back and will Freyah possibly side with Elijah and Klaus or maybe Finn or Kol?  And what will Finn do know that he knows about baby Hope?


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