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The Originals 2X13 Review: Up In Smoke

By anna
In Recaps
February 10, 2015

In the latest episode of The Originals, Finn got himself a dangerous new alliance, Jackson and Hayley continued wedding preparations, Kol and Klaus talked things out and Elijah had plenty to deal with at the safe house.  It was an action-packed episode.

The-Originals-2x13-7First, Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah (who was on speaker phone), discussed what to do with Freyah.  Klaus didn’t seem happy that she had returned and asked an important question: if Freyah was back, did that mean Dahlia was returning as well?

Speaking of Freyah, unfortunately for Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus, she had decided to side with Finn.  Finn told her what he knew of Hope and the two of them plotted to find her and take care of her before Dahlia came.

Back at the safe house, Elijah and Cami were continuing to care for Hope.  While Cami was playing with Hope, Elijah was making breakfast until he heard a crash and quickly rushed over to see what had happened.  Hope had pulled on the tablecloth and a knick-knack fell on her head, causing a small, bleeding cut on her forehead.  When he saw the blood, Elijah almost relapsed again as he thought of the red door but he managed to regain control of himself and got a bandage for Hope.  Cami told him the fact that he had controlled himself was massive improvement but that she couldn’t just make the issues go away.  She gave him a list of chores to do around the house to keep his mind off the problems.

While that was happening, Kol came to Rebekah and Klaus, begging them to help him.  He told them what Finn had done and Klaus didn’t seem too concerned.  He said he would help Kol if he helped him with his problems.  Kol agreed but Klaus was unsure if he could trust him and then looked into his brother’s mind.  He was understandably angry when he saw that Kol had been plotting against him with the dagger and then refused to help him.  Kol got furious and left after throwing Klaus against the wall.

Out in the Bayou, Jackson and Hayley were preparing for their upcoming wedding.  Jackson showed Hayley that he had built a crib for Hope and Hayley seemed touched.  Then Jackson revealed that every alpha from the rest of the werewolf packs in the country was coming for the wedding and Hayley seemed uncertain because he had told her that they were going to help their people but now it was everyone.  Hayley quickly got over it and agreed.  The rest of the Alphas arrived and accepted Jackson as their leader but they ran into some trouble when Finn sent Marcel and his hungry vampires over to the bayou.

Kol went to his brother, begging him to lift the spell that would kill him.  Finn said he would consider it but only if Kol helped him with a spell.  He said he needed Klaus’s blood and Kol agreed.  Before sending the vampires to the bayou, Finn had told Marcel he needed Hayley’s blood.  So Kol returned and confronted Klaus who stopped him this time.  The two of them finally had a heart-to-heart and Kol decided to join their side.  He promised that Klaus could trust him and even said he was willing to help him against Finn even though Finn was the only one who could break the spell.

Klaus finally managed to get ahold of Elijah back at the safe house and told him Finn would probably arrive soon.  Klaus was a little too late as Elijah pointed out that Finn was already there.  Elijah hung up and Finn confronted him about Hope.  Elijah said he would protect his family and Finn said he wasn’t falling for the noble display.  He would protect the family he thought could be saved and Elijah and Klaus didn’t make that list.  Then they started to fight and Elijah ended up getting axed in the back and chest by Finn.  Ouch!

Finn made it to the safe house but thankfully Cami and Hope had already left.  While Finn searched for them, Elijah managed to pull the stakes out and he was angry.  He made it back to the house and Finn was a little surprised to see him back again so soon.  Finn used his magic to fight Elijah but it didn’t keep Elijah down until Finn threw him through a wall and Elijah noticed the blood on his shirt…uh-oh.

That wasn’t the only fight happening.  The wolves were being attacked by the vampires and Kol and Rebekah teamed together to try channeling enough power to break Finn’s spell.  They used Klaus to channel it and finally broke the spell, causing Finn to be weakened and the vampires to fall unconscious.  The spell took a lot of energy from Kol and Rebekah promised she wouldn’t let him die.  Klaus agreed to help and with that Kol, sort of became an official part of their group.

Back at the safe house, now that Finn’s magic had been weakened he was running out of strength.  He saw that Elijah was focused on the blood and mocked him that it reminded him of his past killings of innocent people.  Elijah ignored him and stood back up, declaring that his mind was quiet clear like the gas in the house.  He then told Finn he would not disgrace his family again and in a bold, brave and daring move, Elijah pulled off his daylight ring and his hand caught fire, causing the house to explode and go up in smoke with Finn and Elijah in it.

Before the episode ended, we got back to Cami and Hope in the car and something a little strange was happening.  As Cami drove, the car stopped completely without her turning it off.  Before Cami could try anything, the car eventually came back on and it was then Cami started to realize that Hope had possibly done it.  Before she could inspect it, she gasped as she saw the safe house exploded and the episode quite literally ended in flames.



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