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The Vampire Diaries 6X11 Review: Kidnappings and Illnesses

By anna
In Recaps
February 2, 2015

The first episode back from winter hiatus featured Elena being held hostage and Sheriff Forbes finally telling Caroline about her illness.  Jo began working on her magic to keep Liv and Luke from having to merge and Damon worked on saving Elena.

The episode kicked off with Kai and Elena.  The two of them were having dinner together while Kai explained why he had kidnapped Elena.  Well, actually, Kai was eating while Elena was watching him.  Kai revealed that he needed to practice his magic since it was a bit out of control and that Elena was his target.  Then he lifted his cloaking spell to reveal the dead body of the poor manager of Mystic Grill.  This guy is seriously psychotic and dare I say, he even gives Klaus a run for his money?  Kai is one of the best villains the show has ever had.

Then we got to see what Alaric and Jo were up to.  Jo had decided to risk merging with Kai so that her siblings Liv and Luke wouldn’t have to.  So Liv and Alaric were attempting to help Jo practice her magic.  The problem is, Jo obviously isn’t strong enough to merge and everyone knew it.

So back to Elena and Kai, Kai took her back to Mystic Falls high school and while he was torturing her, she attempted to fight back.  Then she had a problem when Kai melted her daylight ring.  Things weren’t looking good for Elena.  Back at the Salvatore boarding house, Damon called Alaric, saying he needed Jo for a cloaking spell so that Kai couldn’t see him during his rescue attempt.  Alaric was hesitant to let Jo go because he didn’t want to risk losing her.  Jeremy then showed up saying he wouldn’t let Elena die and the gang came up with a plan.

Jo and Damon arrived at Mystic Falls high school with Liv who was getting ready to perform the cloaking spell.  But before she could, Luke appeared and took Liv with him, much to the anger of Damon.  Jo managed to perform a cloaking spell and they realized it worked.  Jo and Damon snuck into the school and found Elena.  Jo got her under her spell and they took her with them.  However, Jo’s nose started bleeding and for anyone that remembers earlier seasons of the show, you know that’s never a good sign.  The spell ended and Kai discovered them.  Damon attacked him only to find out it was actually Elena when the real Kai appeared again, starting to take Jo with him.  Before he could get away, team human showed up to save the day!  Jeremy shot him with his crossbow and Alaric attacked him from behind, stabbing Kai in the neck with a tranquilizer to knock him out.  Then we saw some sweet couple reunions with Alaric making sure that Jo was okay and Damon doing the same with Elena.  But seriously though, if they want Kai dead, why not just let Alaric kill him?  He’s been the only one to even get close to him.

While all that was going on, Stefan and Caroline helped Liz get home.  Caroline set up the living room for her so that she could relax in her favorite chair while watching TV.  Caroline and Stefan then set off to a hospital for cancer research.  Caroline found a patient who had the same type of cancer as her mom and talked to the doctors.  The doctors said there was no way to help them except to make them as comfortable as possible while they died.  Caroline wouldn’t hear that and decided to give some of her blood to the patient.

While Caroline was at the hospital, Stefan decided to check up on his niece, Sarah Salvatore.  As he was at the museum, Enzo showed up once again (seriously, does he have nothing to do except stalk Stefan?) and forced Stefan to tell him the secret he hid from Damon.  Apparently wanting to know more about Sarah, Enzo, asked the museum owner for all the pictures that she had that Sarah had done.  What is Enzo’s endgame for this whole situation?

Stefan finally returned to the hospital and realized what Caroline had done.  Before he could lecture her, Caroline showed him the patient and he was actually fine!  He seemed to be cured and said he had never felt better.  Stefan and Caroline then headed home and Caroline told Liz about what had happened.  Liz finally agreed to drink some of Caroline’s blood but Caroline may have acted too quickly.  We saw what was going on back at the hospital and the patient ended up getting worse and coughing up blood.  It seems that the blood actually caused the cancer to grow faster instead of healing it and unfortunately, Caroline didn’t know that and wasn’t able to stop Liz before she drank her blood.

The show has many interesting storylines happening right now and it’s going to be interesting to watch the rest of this season’s journey.  Will Liz end up dying a long, painful death?  What does Enzo want with Sarah Salvatore?  Which twins will merge?  Will Alaric be able to protect Jo and will Damon be able to regain Elena’s love again?  And just how will Kai be defeated?




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