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The Vampire Diaries 6X12 Review: Near Death And Merging

By anna
In Recaps
February 6, 2015

This episode of The Vampire Diaries continued with everyone trying to help Liz and Caroline deal with Liz’s cancer and the twin merging ceremony.  Where they able to get Caroline’s blood out of Liz?  And which twins merged and who was successful?  It was an action-packed, emotional hour.

TVD_prayer2Caroline was staying at home with her mom and it didn’t take long for her to realize that feeding Liz her blood wasn’t the best idea.  After hearing a noise, she went downstairs to investigate and saw that the cancer patient she had given her blood to had followed her home.  She was shocked to see him again and also surprised that he was in even more pain than before.  Then she soon realized what was happening.  Stefan, Elena and Damon met at the hospital with Jo and Stefan filled them in on what was going on.  After seeing the patient’s charts, Jo said he was like a stage 10 cancer patient.  Damon asked why he was there and that was when Liz and Caroline showed up.  Liz then revealed the same thing would happen to her and Damon was shocked.

In the meantime, Tyler was stunned to realize Liv and Luke’s birthday was the next week which meant it was almost time for the merging ceremony.  And to surprise the twins, their father showed up to help prepare.  Tyler tried to help Liv but she said they needed to convince their father to let Jo and Kai merge on their own.  Liv and Luke sat down with their father and he was not pleased at the idea of Kai merging.  The twins tried to tell him they didn’t want to do it and it was then their father said that even if one of them died, they weren’t gone completely because traits from the twin that lost would combine with the soul of the twin who won.  I guess that’s an easy way of looking at it if you were the winner of the merge like he was.

After leaving the hospital, Damon came up with a plan to help both Jo and Liz.  He went and saw Tyler had broken into Alaric’s house (who was out of town during this episode) and stopped him when he realized he was trying to set Kai lose.  After knocking Tyler out, Damon unhooked Kai from the medical drugs keeping him sedated and said he needed a favor with him.  Jo and Elena were horrified to see him at the hospital but Kai kept his word and sucked all the magic out of Liz so that the vampire blood wouldn’t cause her cancer to grow anymore.  Kai then kidnapped Jo so that he could begin the merge and Damon ran after them but not before he killed the cancer patient, Colin, that Caroline had turned after Colin begged him, pleading that he wanted to die.

After Luke and Liv’s father tried to start them merging himself, Tyler intervened, stopping him and saving the twin’s lives.  It was then that Luke came up with a plan.  Luke promised Liv that he would be back and then Luke went to confront Kai, knocking Jo out with magic and stopping their merge.  He then challenged Kai to merge with him instead and Kai tried to refuse saying it wouldn’t work.  Luke said thanks to Kai’s time in 1994, they were now the same age and that it could work.  Kai finally agreed and they started the merge.  Jo was too late to stop them and Damon arrived on the scene just as Kai and Luke collapsed.  The only thing Damon and Jo could do now was to wait for Kai or Luke to wake up and see who had won the merge.

At the hospital, Liz was having more trouble.  Kai sucking the magic out of her caused her to have a bad heart attack.  Elena tried desperately to help Liz and they got a doctor in to try to help.  In an intense, scary moment, Liz’s heartbeat stopped completely and we saw a heartbreaking flashback, memory or dream (it wasn’t made totally clear what it was in the episode) of Liz trying to tell Caroline goodbye.  Caroline then appeared on the scene, freaking out and begging her mom to stay with her.  Liz’s heart started beating again and she was gonna be okay for the time being.

Speaking of Caroline, she had left the hospital for a while and it was Stefan who went to find her.  He knew what was going on with her and found Caroline trying to find flowers for Liz’s memorial service.  Stefan knew that Caroline felt guilty about giving her mom her blood and told her she didn’t need to because her mom had understood why she did it.  Stefan advised Caroline on how to handle the situation, saying she just needed to be with her mom for now.  He knew what she was going through because his mom had also gotten sick and Stefan did everything he could to avoid her because it made him too sad.  Then he didn’t get a chance to spend more time with her because she died and he told Caroline she needed to spend time with Liz while she could.  Caroline agreed.

Finally, we got back to Damon and Jo and Luke was slowly waking up.  Jo was relieved but it didn’t last long because sadly, Luke died in that moment, which meant Kai had won the merge.  Jo was furious with Damon who tried to comfort her telling her that at least she was alive which would help him with Alaric who would probably be angry at Damon’s plan.  Before Jo could respond, Kai disappeared and they started to realize how powerful he was now.  Speaking of Alaric, it was a bit of a strange decision not to have him present for the merge since they had made such a big deal over his girlfriend possibly dying but oh well.  At least Jo did manage to serve but poor Luke.  He sacrificed himself to save his sisters.  He truly died a hero.

So, after that we saw a scene with Caroline and Liz who had woken up again.  Caroline tried to apologize for the vampire blood but Liz stopped her, saying she understood why she did it.  She then asked Caroline to go get her a coffee and Caroline happily agreed.  As Caroline left, Stefan came in and Liz talked to him.  She asked Stefan to be a friend to Caroline after she was gone because Caroline would need someone to make her smile.  Stefan agreed and it was then we saw Caroline listening outside the door.

Liv’s father tried to get her to go with him after realizing that Luke was gone but Liv refused to go.  Tyler forced him to leave and tried comforting Liv.  And back at the hospital, Damon returned and saw that Elena was a bit shaky.  He asked what happened and Elena informed him that Liz had almost died in her arms.  After that, she then told Damon that life was too short and the two of them kissed each other passionately.  So it was with a sweet, loving scene that the episode ended after all the heartbreak and fear.

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