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Arrow – “The Offer” (3×16) – 19 Episode Images

By Travis
In Pictures
March 4, 2015

Still weighed down by his last meeting with Ra’s al Ghul, Oliver returns home to find a new villain and his crew have started terrorizing Starling City – Michael Amar AKA Murmur, a man whose mouth has been sewn shut. Meanwhile, Laurel and Nyssa bond over their issues with their fathers and Nyssa makes Laurel an offer. Thea is forced to come to terms with her father after Oliver brings Malcolm to the loft to recover, and Lance shuts out both Laurel and the Arrow.

“The Offer” is the upcoming sixteenth episode of the third season of Arrow and the sixty-second episode overall. It will air on March 18, 2015.

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  • Ace

    Is there a reason he’s not holding his own umbrella? I’m finding it hard to find a justifiable, reasonable explanation/reason for this.