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News on Gotham, Arrow, Teen Wolf & The Walking Dead

By Travis
In Spoilers
June 16, 2015

Claire: Life feels incomplete without a weekly panic attack brought on by walkers. It’s been so, so long. Have anything for The Walking Dead?
Umm….Have you not been watching the walkers on Game of Thrones? Helps a whole lot, yes? But I feel you. Now we are walkerless for the next few months, and I’m happy to host a Walker-Withdrawl party where we can dress up like our favorites and eat brains and guts and yummies. Sound good? Anyhoodle…WhenTWD (and zombies) returns this October there’s going to be a new couple in the fold. Get prepared to meet Kirk, a former blue-collar dude who was pretty straight-laced…until the world changed and he started looking out for No. 1 (himself). Hilda, a “strong woman” who is far from passive, also joins Kirk in the new season.

Hoechelberry: Teen Wolf?
Simple and direct, we like your style. Also simple? Scott’s biggest concern heading into his senior year.  “It’s a huge, huge thing for Scott, senior year. Senior year for Scott is huge because high school is very much its own character in the show, it’s big for Stiles and Scott,” Tyler Posey tells us. “Stiles and Scott are really trying to keep the group together and they are talking about where they are going to go to college and planning where they are going to live…I think for Stiles and Scott, they just really want to keep the pack together.” All together now: awww!

Alison: I’m craving Arrow scoop. Help me out!
We’re right there with you. Is it fall yet? We’re already anxiously awaiting season four of the CW’s hit superhero drama, and when we caught up with Bex Taylor-Klaus at the red carpet premiere for her new MTV series Scream (which we are already obsessed with!), we had to get intel on whether or not we’d see more of Sin in Starling City next year. “I don’t know yet!” Taylor-Klaus says with a laugh. “It’s up to them if they want to bring me back or not, and I’m just here for the ride if they’re ready.” You hear that, Arrow team?!

Mark: Got any Gotham scoop?
As if Jim Gordon didn’t have enough on his plate with the Penguin’s rise to power, now he’s going to have to deal with Amygdala! The Fox show is currently casting the Batman comics villain, an incredibly strong and aggressive dude with limited brain function, for season two. They’re looking to cast a male in his 30s, described as a “hulking mountain of a man, with a bald or shaven head.” The bigger and more muscular, the better!

Source: EOnline

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