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10 Things You NEED To Know About Scream Queens

By Travis
In Reviews
July 13, 2015

I, along with a handful of fans, got to see an advance screening of Scream Queens at Comic Con on Saturday night.  The room was packed and the anticipation was heard throughout the room in loud cheers just before the lights went out and screen went on.  Here are some things to expect without giving much away, but hopefully enough for you to want more.

scream-queens1.  Deaths, deaths, deaths.  Ryan Murphy knows how to present the shock factor and in Scream Queens he does just that by killing off a handful of people in the first episode of the series.  Not knowing what is to come for the remaining 12 episodes, let’s assume we will get more than one death per episode.  I will add, the deaths are definitely original.  Some of the deaths will make you cringe and some will make you root for the Red Devil.

2.  Comedy trumps horror.  If you are planning on closing your eyes during the premiere…guess what?  You won’t need to.  There are so many laugh out loud moments.  When the Red Devil shows up or a horrific death occurs, you’ll still find yourself laughing immediately after.  Don’t get me wrong, there are scares, but being a horror-comedy…Ryan Murphy puts the perfect blend of both to accommodate all audiences.

3.  You will find yourself singing along.  The series starts in a 1995 Kappa Kappa Tau party with a throwback of TLC’s “Waterfall.”  We all know the song and you will either be singing or humming to the hit.  As the episode goes into present day, you’ll hear songs that you just heard on the radio this morning.  Let’s start a playlist already!

4.  Who is the killer?  As you are watching, you start suspecting MANY different people.  I’m pretty sure speculation will raid the internet and forums right after the 2-hour series premiere.  There are many [main] characters that seem to have motive, but then you look at those who don’t and think…maybe it could be her/him.  The actors don’t know who plays the killer, but Murphy has had them do multiple takes of scenes as though they were the killer. At the Scream Queens Comic Con panel, he says if you watch the pilot carefully you can discern who the murderer is based on which takes he edited in.

Lea-Michele5.  You will root for at least one character.  The cast is so diverse and so are the characters.  If Lea’s character (Hester aka Neckbrace) doesn’t win your heart over, someone will.  Whether it’s her or the biggest b*tch, Chanel, you’ll find yourself hating at least one character and hoping another stays alive the whole season.  Unfortunately, we won’t know who survives…

6.  You’ll think twice about pledging for a sorority.  Let’s just say that you don’t want to be hazed by the Chanels.  EVER.

SCREAM QUEENS: The Chanels closet on SCREAM QUEENS premiering September 2015 on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Steve Dietl/FO

7.  You’ll want to live a day in the life.  Literally.  Most people will never live the life of luxury these kids do on the show, but you will feel the need to after watching the first episode…even if it’s for a minute.  From the mansion of a sorority house (same house used in American Horror Story: Coven) to the extensive (and what seems to be unlimited) high fashion wardrobe collection, you’ll get to experience a very rich and colorful lifestyle throughout the series.

8.  The one liners will have you laughing.  This has always been something I’ve enjoyed in all of Ryan Murphy’s series.  Scream Queens doesn’t deviate from subtle and offhand comments which will have you laughing in even the most serious moments.

Emma-Roberts9.  You’ll want to slap the b*tch.  Going back to the characters, Emma Roberts steals the episode with her committed b*tch role.  She knows how to scream, yell, and take charge.  We’ve seen her play similar roles in the past and she does Chanel justice, playing the president of the KKT sorority.  She doesn’t give a sh*t.  You will absolutely love to hate her.  I promise.

10.  September 22, 2015 @ 9pm on FOX.  This is something you’ll need to know and remember.  Don’t miss the 2-hour series premiere and be sure to come back with your comments and reactions!

Here are some additional moments that occur in the first episode, that shouldn’t give much away, but will have you thinking:

  • Chanel #5 has to slap herself.
  • Grace is Team Edward.
  • Hester steals the episode with her few non-verbal scenes.
  • There is somewhat of a homage to Taylor Swift.
  • 6 girls pledge for KKT
  • You’ll be curious as to what a pee and menopause candle smells like.  Or not.

Watch the 3-minute trailer for Scream Queens!

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