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By Travis
Aug 7th, 2014

Dear viewer,

If you are on this site, it means you have a passion for television…which is exactly why I am here also.  I love watching and talking about tv.

A little about myself,

I started my passion for television and blogging when the first season of American Idol came on in 2002.  Surprisingly, I was hooked after watching and wanted to do more than just watch.  I started my first developed fansite where I would post news and the performances of the contestants.  I started branching out afterwards creating specific contestant sites…this is when I got use to running dozens of sites at a time.  After awhile, if there is no change, you typically want to do something else or more.  This is when I created my second (series) website being The O.C.  This show was a BIG deal and a big deal among my friends so I had to cover it.  From then on I started setting up more and more sites each year on shows I would have interest in.  This is where Sofa Banana came into play.

Oh, my name is Travis, I live in Las Vegas and breath/sing country music

I will happily accept any screeners, TV series DVDs/Blu-Rays, or other TV-related products to consider for review or coverage on the site. will also gladly host promotional giveaways for our readers. If you would like to send us something, please e-mail, and I will send you full contact information.

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